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chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights, these can be used as the choice of restaurant lights. Generally, if the floor height of a room is low, downlight or ceiling light should be selected as the main light source. If the dining room is narrow and the dining table is against the wall, you don't have to choose the chandelier as the main light source. You can use the clever combination of wall lamp and downlight to get the lighting needs. If handled properly, it is not weaker than the beautification effect of the chandelier at all

if the restaurant is spacious enough, it is the best way to choose chandeliers as the main light source and wall lamps as auxiliary light. For example, combining the low hanging chandelier with the inlaid lamp on the ceiling can also provide local lighting for the dining table on the premise of meeting the basic lighting of the space

there are various combinations of chandeliers, including single lamp, three in a row, multiple small lamps embedded in the glass plate, and multiple lamp balls arranged in different sizes. When choosing the restaurant chandelier, we should determine the size of the lamp according to the size of the dining table. If the dining table is long, it is advisable to choose a row of small chandeliers, and each small lamp is controlled by a switch, so that the corresponding number of chandeliers can be turned on according to the needs of the meal. If it is a folding table, you can choose the retractable stainless steel round chandelier to expand the lighting space at any time as needed. And a single chandelier or wind bell shaped chandelier is more suitable to match with a square table or a round table

while meeting the basic lighting, restaurant lights pay more attention to creating a dining mood and setting off a warm and romantic home atmosphere. Therefore, we should try to choose light sources with warm colors and adjustable brightness, rather than blindly choose energy-saving lights with cold white light like fluorescent lights in order to save electricity





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