New house decoration toilet Feng Shui

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Moving to a new house, what are the geomantic highlights in the bathroom of the new house that we should pay attention to? What are the precautions for Feng Shui in toilet decoration? Xiaobian has sorted out relevant information for everyone to share. Let's see what the relevant content really says

new house decoration toilet Feng Shui

taboos in the bathroom uncover the secret

bathroom door to kitchen door. The bathroom door to the kitchen door will affect the health of housewives, and the toilet foul gas is close to things, so people in the room are prone to gastrointestinal diseases

bathroom to dining room. The bathroom is opposite to the dining room. Feng Shui says that people often don't eat at home

the bathroom is too wet. The toilet must always be dry and clean, otherwise it is very easy to accumulate Yin Qi, which is harmful to wealth and health

the bathroom windows are closed for a long time. There are no windows in the bathroom or the windows are closed for a long time, so the foul gas accumulates and does not disperse, which is easy to accumulate Yin gas, leading to family discord and affecting the home. You can put pot plants in the toilet to dissolve it

the bathroom is located in the central palace. The bathroom should not be located in the middle of the whole house, which means it is easy to lose money and make family members sick

precautions for Feng Shui in toilet decoration

1. Avoid punching the door of the toilet

many people say they want to lose money when they see the door of the toilet. But some people not only don't spend money, but also have peach blossoms. Besides, breaking money is just a kind of appearance, and the means of causing it are different. For example, flushing the toilet to the study is called filthy and filthy Wenchang. Its principle can be understood as the filthy atmosphere, which affects people's judgment, makes wrong choices, knows wrong friends, and does wrong things, then it must be a loss of money

2. The toilet faces the bedroom door

the toilet faces the bedroom door, which is harmful to health, especially women at home are prone to gynecological diseases

3. The toilet should not be too wet and should be kept clean.

the toilet must always be dry and clean, otherwise it is very easy to accumulate Yin. The layout of toilets is not important, but cleaning needs to be paid attention to. Not especially the toilet, the whole house likes to be clean and refreshing. The door is crowded with a pile of shoes, which is not Feng Shui. No matter where the toilet is in the Yangzhai, it is taboo to be dark and damp. It is necessary to clean the toilet regularly, deal with hair and remove peculiar smell. It's best to have windows. If there are no windows or vents, it's necessary to light incense or aromatherapy to purify the aura

4. Don't straighten the bed and align it horizontally with the toilet

straightening the bed and aligning it with the toilet will cause one party to have centrifugation and often don't return home. The bed is horizontal and aligned, and the toilet is most likely to affect the marital relationship. More quarrels between husband and wife will also affect the health of husband and wife. The body parts directly flushed by the toilet will have problems or pain

5. The kitchen and toilet are not the same door

in order to save space, some families make the kitchen and toilet share one door to enter and exit, which makes the household water and fire unrestrained, which is very unlucky. What's more, if you enter the toilet first, and then enter the kitchen, your appetite for food and drink will absolutely disappear

6. The bathroom should not be opened in the center of the house

this statement has two reasons: according to “ Luo Shu ” The central genus “ Soil ”, If the bathroom is in the middle of the house, then “ Soil conquers water ” It's bad luck because of your problems. The center of the house is as important as the heart of a person. The bathroom will look nondescript there, which is not only unsightly, but also against the way of Feng Shui

7. The color of the toilet should not be too cold

the toilet belongs to the shade. The so-called Yin is the place where Yin grows and Yang disappears, and does not grow or move. Yangzhai aura is better to maintain the balance between yin and Yang. Since the toilet is a shady place, there is no need to increase the power of Yin nature. For example, black and white, cool color, dark blue, etc. As far as possible, use a flat color, such as earthy beige, or decorate with warm colors

it needs to be reminded that color does not mean painting the wall into a certain color, which can be decorated with appropriate colors. For example, if you like fire and wear red, you might as well wear a red scarf

8. Don't have too many mirrors in the toilet

in modern homes, there must be mirrors in the toilet. In ancient geomantic omen, mirrors were used to avoid evil spirits and block evil spirits. In short, they were used to change Qi, and were not used as room decoration. In the Feng Shui books on the market, it will be emphasized that in the toilet, it is fierce to open the door to the mirror, and the toilet mirror will attract Yin, or bring peach blossoms, and so on, which need to be discussed. In fact, there is no need to be too particular about it, because the ancients did not mention it. But it's right not to have too many mirrors. After all, it affects people's attention

toilet for toilet decoration

1: the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house

according to the requirements of Chinese traditional residential Feng Shui customs, the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house. For example, the door of the house faces south, so when people sit on the toilet, if they look south, they have violated the taboo that the toilet is in the same direction as the house, which may lead to health problems for family members. The solution is to adjust the direction of the toilet to deviate from or reverse the direction of the house

2: bathroom facilities should not be irregular shape

the choice of bathroom facilities is very particular. The shape of the bathtub is rectangular or circular, and regular pentagon and hexagon are also OK, but do not use triangle or irregular shape, which is detrimental to users. The bathtub should not be too large, mainly practical, which should be carefully considered before buying

3: do not expose the lamp connector in the bathroom

the bathroom is relatively wet, so be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be used with safety protection functions, and connectors and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it should be set outside the toilet door, otherwise a moisture-proof and waterproof panel should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture and electric leakage

4: don't mess in the bathroom

mess is the big taboo of bathroom feng shui, which will make the air difficult to travel. Only the minimum necessities should be placed, and too many sundries should not be placed in the bathroom space. Cleaning appliances should not be exposed outside, and should be specially stored. The most ideal bathrooms are those with simple decoration, simple design and good ventilation. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the materials used, and different floor tiles and floor materials will have different effects. For example, marble, granite, and other hard surfaces, smooth surfaces will accelerate the flow of gas energy, especially in the case of crystal bright and visible light, the effect is better. They help to create an exciting and positive atmosphere




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