Popular trend of children's room decoration in 201

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Children are the hope and expectation of a family in the future, so many owners pay close attention to the decoration of children's houses when decorating their houses. When decorating the children's room, we should not only consider the age and gender of children, but also consider the different needs of children for the room at various times. Of course, whether it is fashionable and popular is also a point that parents need to pay attention to. So, how to install the children's room in 2014? Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will teach you the popular trends of children's room decoration in 2014

1. Beautiful and easy-to-use artistic furniture plays a very important role in children's growth

more decoration effect drawings of children's room

the floor of children's room is easy to get dirty, so we should choose dirt resistant materials and colors. The floor tiles are too cold and slippery, and the ordinary carpets are not easy to take care of, which are all bad choices; Composite wood floor or plastic carpet with foam on the inner wall is elastic, not easy to produce noise, easy to clean and cheap. It is a good floor material

walls should be made of easy to scrub, generous and cheap materials. For example, if you choose scrub resistant paint, you can scrub it even after scribbling. As children grow up, they can change or paint it again after their interests change

the use of materials in children's room should create a cheerful and lively atmosphere, and the use of materials full of fantasy can bring infinite and beautiful imagination to children





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