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Many owners of door and window factories ignore the importance of handling customer complaints and are always worried that customers lie to get subsidies from the company, so they are not straightforward when signing quality returns or compensation; Some manufacturers do not distinguish the faults of their internal employees and impose heavy fines. These practices of not trusting customers and employees often lead to the phenomenon of buck passing among various departments, links and employees within the manufacturer, which leads to the great complaint mood of customers and even the cessation of cooperation. The manufacturer is often unwilling to take responsibility for its immediate interests, resulting in the loss of many customers. This doubt can be improved from the following aspects:

1 The person who is most skilled in commodity production and installation is responsible for the direct communication with the customer (never communicate with someone who does not understand or understand comprehensively, which will constitute a secondary fault. Once there is a secondary fault, the customer will basically stop cooperating; never communicate with the person who is directly responsible for production or quality, and they will try their best to shift the responsibility to the customer, resulting in the loss of the customer)

2. The facts must be clarified during the communication, When the facts cannot be clarified, the whole set shall be returned or the most professional person shall be sent to the site to admit. Those who can clarify the situation must clarify, and those who cannot clarify must find ways to clarify

3. On the basis of clarifying the facts, we should adhere to the principle of "being strict with ourselves and lenient to others". If the customer makes a mistake, we should help the customer deal with it according to the cost price or a lower quotation, so as to reduce the loss of customers; If it is a mistake made by the company's employees, and it is a controllable fault in normal work, such as the opening of the edging is long or short, the style is wrong, and the grid strip is dropped, it must be compensated by the relevant responsible person (the vast majority of the goods leaving the factory are quality inspection responsibilities) according to a certain share; If the right and wrong controllable factors, such as glass fogging, color difference, etc., are not to be traced, but the real reason should also be found, and methods such as adjusting suppliers, transforming production equipment, and the usual actions of standard workers should be taken

4. If the responsibility cannot be identified, the company shall take full responsibility after the general manager acknowledges it

5. The only correct attitude of anyone when dealing with complaints and questions is: This is my responsibility. First look for questions from yourself, and then verify

6. Deal with complaints at the first time and deal with them at one time

7. The general meeting of the company informs the complaints, questions and treatment status, criticizes the responsible person, and establishes a practical and long-term treatment mechanism for questions. The intention of "punishing before" is to "avoid the future". If it is impossible to "avoid the future", the "punishing before" is of no value. The same question repetition is the fundamental reason why many companies cannot carry out




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