How to handle the extraction and decoration of Zho

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when the depositor who pays the housing provident fund in Zhoushan decorates the self occupied housing in the administrative area of Zhoushan City, he or she can apply to withdraw the housing provident fund of himself or her spouse to pay the decoration fee of the self occupied housing

I. conditions and objects of application for withdrawal

(I) the decorated housing must be within the administrative region of the city. Self occupied housing with self owned property rights of the applicant or his spouse can apply for withdrawal of the balance stored in the housing provident fund account of himself and his spouse

(II) the applicant and his/her spouse have never used the housing provident fund within 10 years (excluding the withdrawal of property fee)

(III) the housing provident fund is withdrawn for decoration, taking families as units, and the number of applications is withdrawn every 10 years

II. Application for withdrawal amount

the applicant withdraws the housing accumulation fund according to the actual payment amount of the decoration project, and the maximum amount is calculated according to the construction area of no more than 800 yuan per square meter. If the construction area of the decorated housing exceeds 144 square meters, it is calculated as 144 square meters

III. materials to be provided in the application for extraction

(I) the original and copy of the extractor's valid ID card. The original and copy of the marriage certificate and the identity card of the spouse of the house property owner shall also be provided if it is extracted as the spouse of the house property owner

(II) the original and copy of the withdrawal person's bank card

(III) house ownership certificate. If the house ownership certificate has been delivered for use but the house ownership certificate has not been handled, the house purchase contract and the full amount invoice of the house purchase shall be provided

(IV) the applicant shall provide the final account of the decoration project





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