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Due to the continuous improvement of home life, we also have many requirements for the design of shoe cabinets, which are not only good in quality and storage capacity, but also beautiful and generous in appearance. Now the use of shoe cabinets has become a necessary furniture for home storage. It has also evolved from the furniture used to display shoes in the early days to multi-functional furniture, such as porch shoe cabinet, entry shoe cabinet, and living room shoe cabinet. Let's take a look at the complete picture of shoe cabinet

complete picture of shoe cabinet 1: cleaning of shoe cabinet

first of all, we need to do a regular cleaning and maintenance time for the shoe cabinet. Generally speaking, we need to do a comprehensive maintenance in every season. We can use a soft rag to wipe the dust on the surface, and then polish the furniture with wax to evenly wipe the surface of the furniture. Polish wax can protect furniture paint film from moisture, scratches and burns. Stains that remain too long or are difficult to remove can be removed with cotton cloth dipped with a small amount of gasoline or alcohol. Then use a piece of cotton cloth to spread an appropriate amount of polishing wax, and then use a piece of dry cloth to wipe the wax evenly in blocks, so as not to leave wax marks, and then deal with the damaged parts of the paint layer. If the parts scorched by cigarettes are limited to the surface paint layer, they can be dipped in water with fine water sandpaper and gently polished to remove the stains, and then waxed. If the surface is scratched but not deep enough to reach the wood, it can be directly polished locally with polishing wax, and if the scratch is deep enough, it should be polished with sandpaper

complete picture of shoe cabinet II: purchase of shoe cabinet

then before decoration, we can determine the size and style of shoe cabinet according to the members of the home, and the designer will put forward professional suggestions for the owner according to the size, structure and beauty of the porch. If you choose a customized shoe cabinet, it will generally be relatively flexible. The porch shoe cabinet not only has the function of putting shoes, but also is the visual focus of entering the door. The color, shape and style can be unified with the overall bedroom style. For families with smaller porches, it is recommended to design the door of the shoe cabinet as a sliding door, which should not be too thick, and the capacity should be able to store 10 pairs of shoes. There is another “ Hang ” The combined shoe cabinet on the wall saves space and has a special shape. You can try it

complete picture of shoe cabinet III: installation of shoe cabinet

the style of shoe cabinet is very diverse in the market, which provides us with many choices for consumption, but it is best to determine the style of shoe cabinet according to the design style of our own home, and choose to connect it to the wall in the form of decorative board. According to the needs of shoes, the number of boards connected can be determined. Wallpaper and shoe boards can be used to take care of each other on the connected wall, which is convenient and beautiful. If it is a small and beautiful shoe cabinet, it is best to be close to the door. The shoe cabinet should be tilted a little. At the same time, the inside should not be done to the end, and a gap should be left between the back plate, so it is easy to clean up the dust, which is very practical. In short, the shoe cabinet is an essential thing for modern families. It not only has a powerful storage function, but also beautifies the home. If the room area is large, you can install a double door, fully functional shoe cabinet, and choose a style suitable for the shoe cabinet

complete picture of shoe cabinet 4: Design of shoe cabinet

we can mainly divide the design of shoe cabinet into two parts. One part is to make a beautiful and versatile small shoe cabinet in the household porch. The other is to reserve some places for shoes in other storage spaces, such as the wardrobe in the dressing room and the bottom of the bed in the bedroom, and store seasonal and infrequent shoes inside. Designing the size of shoe cabinets according to living habits is actually a knowledge. How to achieve it in a limited space “ Infinite ” The internal design must be very particular about the storage task of. The shoe cabinet can be self creative according to the actual situation. For example, the interior of the shoe cabinet is distinguished by family members, which is divided into areas for men, women, children, etc. it can also be commonly used and not often used to distinguish, and the internal partition is set according to the size of the shoes

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