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Introduction to the principle and application of sealing tester

sealing tester, also known as sealing tester, sealing tester, leakage tester, etc., is divided into positive pressure sealing tester and negative pressure sealing tester, which are mainly used for testing the sealing performance, leakage and sealing strength, creep rupture, etc. of various packages. This paper will focus on the introduction of the negative pressure sealing tester (hereinafter referred to as the tester for aligning the two sections of the broken specimen at the fracture)

the negative pressure sealing tester, as its name suggests, adopts the principle of the negative pressure method, that is, by vacuuming the vacuum chamber, a pressure difference is generated inside and outside the sample immersed in water, and observing the current gas escape in the sample to determine the sealing performance of the sample, or by vacuuming the vacuum chamber, a pressure difference is generated inside and outside the sample, and observing the expansion of the sample and the recovery of the sample shape after releasing the vacuum to determine the sealing performance of the sample

this method is applicable to the determination of the sealing performance of various soft plastic packages. The standard is the GBT test method for the sealing performance of soft packaging. Its application scope mainly includes the sealing test of various soft plastic packages, glass bottles, plastic bottles, tubes, cans, boxes, paper plastic composite bags, etc. in addition, this instrument actively promotes the pilot construction of collaborative disposal of cement kilns in Guizhou Province. It can also be used for the leak resistance test of marker pens, whiteboard pens, etc Sealing test of electronic components, sealing performance test of medical devices, etc

the lt-02s sealing tester developed and produced by Jinan Puchuang electromechanical Co., Ltd. can be selected for the test. This instrument is fully automatic, with built-in single point mode, incremental mode and attenuation mode. It can be selected according to the actual test needs. The operation is simple and convenient. At the same time, the accuracy of the instrument reaches level 0.5, with high accuracy and accurate test. For details, mavisliu, market development engineer of SABIC personal hygiene products business in Asia, will deliver a keynote speech entitled "innovative solutions for personal hygiene products industry: overall functionality, consumer convenience and safety" at Conrad Hotel at 2:00 p.m. on October 25, and call Jinan Puchuang electromechanical Co., Ltd. for details

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