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Principle and application of hydraulic pressure sensor (Part 2)

5. Principle and application of piezoelectric pressure sensor

the main piezoelectric materials used in piezoelectric sensors include quartz, potassium sodium tartrate and dihydroamine phosphate. Quartz (silicon dioxide) is a natural crystal in which the piezoelectric effect is found. Within a certain temperature range, the piezoelectric property always exists, but when the temperature exceeds this range, the piezoelectric property completely disappears (this high temperature is the so-called "Curie point"). As the electric field changes slightly with the change of stress (that is, the piezoelectric coefficient is relatively low), quartz is gradually replaced by other piezoelectric crystals. Potassium sodium tartrate has great piezoelectric sensitivity and piezoelectric coefficient, but it can only be used in the environment with low room temperature and humidity after using light dispersing PC material to make bulb lamp shade. Diamine phosphate is an artificial crystal, which can withstand high temperature and high humidity, so it has been widely used

now the piezoelectric effect is also applied to polycrystals, such as the current piezoelectric ceramics, including barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics, PZT, niobate piezoelectric ceramics to ensure extrusion quality, lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramics, etc

piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of piezoelectric sensor. Piezoelectric sensor cannot be used for static measurement, because the charge after external force can only be saved when the circuit has infinite input impedance. This is not the case in practice, so the piezoelectric sensor can only measure dynamic stress

piezoelectric sensors are mainly used in the measurement of acceleration, pressure and force. Piezoelectric accelerometer is a common accelerometer. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, long service life, etc. Piezoelectric acceleration sensor has been widely used in the vibration and impact measurement of aircraft, automobile and ship fatigue testing machine, which is a kind of high-tech equipment, ship, bridge and building, especially in the field of aviation and aerospace. The piezoelectric sensor can also be used to measure the internal combustion of the engine. C.c.s.karl gard et al. Studied the absorption and release performance of silicone containing hydrogel contact lenses and hydrogel contact lenses containing HEMA for drugs such as sodium cromoglycate. It was found that the absorption and release performance of drugs is faster, and the absorption and release performance of drugs is related to the degree of ionization, water content and siloxane content of hydrogel materials. The measurement of pressure and vacuum degree. It can also be used in military industry. For example, it can be used to measure the change of chamber pressure and the shock wave pressure at the muzzle at the moment when a gun bullet is fired in the chamber. It can be used to measure both large pressure and small pressure

piezoelectric sensors are also widely used in biomedical measurement. For example, ventricular catheter microphone is made of piezoelectric sensors. Because it is so common to measure dynamic pressure, piezoelectric sensors are widely used

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