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Principle and application of color laser printer (Part 2)

2 Differences of color laser printer

since the color laser printer uses four-color toner, the generation steps of (2) measuring the "negative image" of the charge and the "positive image" of toner on the sample size with a vernier caliper should be repeated four times, each time adsorbing toner of different colors, and finally the four-color images of cyan, magenta, yellow and black will be formed on the transfer drum. It is precisely because the color laser printer has a step of repeating four times that the speed of color printing is significantly slower than that of black-and-white printing

the latest color laser printing technology is the so-called "one-time imaging" technology. The key to this technology is to make the laser light-emitting tube small enough to place four light-emitting tubes corresponding to four colors at the position of the existing light-emitting tube. At present, the cost of this process is too high, so the "one-time imaging" color laser printer is not affordable to ordinary users, but there is no doubt that this is the future development direction

3. Color synthesis principle of color laser printer

TV and movies synthesize colors through self illumination. The synthesis principle is called "addition principle". The three primary colors are red, green and blue, and the auxiliary color is "white". Printing, dyeing and coating are formed by absorbing some light. Therefore, the principle is called "subtraction principle". The ternary color is green, magenta and yellow, and the auxiliary color is "black"

how is the color of a color laser printer synthesized? Take HP technology as an example. Imageret2400 color layering technology is adopted by HP. If the basic resolution of printing is determined to be 600dpi, the image with 600dpi resolution can be calculated, and the center distance between pixels is 42 microns. HP uses ultra precise ultra-fine toner with a diameter of 5 microns, which can actually achieve a 2400dpi effect. At 2400dpi resolution, the center distance between pixels is about 10 microns. In other words, if the final color printing result is a pixel resolution of 600dpi, 16 pixels can be used for one pixel × The 16 businessmen of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. who are green, product, yellow and black are worried about facing the bad evaluation division. We have the courage to test our customers and promise to add a kind of toner particles and blank space to modulate the color of the pixel. Because the human eye can no longer distinguish these fine color particles, what the human eye sees is the total effect after color mixing. How many colors can this technology provide? The calculation method is a classic example in the permutation and combination: an infinite number of small balls with five colors of green, product, yellow, black and white are packed in five jars. Now, you can randomly touch 16 small balls from them and put them into an empty jar. How many possible results will you touch in total? The calculated value is the number of colors that imageret2400 technology can theoretically achieve. According to the manufacturer, there are millions of colors. If the diameter of carbon particles reaches 5nm according to the current nano material processing level, the existing 5-micron carbon particles can be separated for 1000 times along the diameter. You can boldly imagine the development prospect of color technology in the theory of laser printers. Of course, when the particles are fine to a certain extent, they have completely lost the significance of continuing to be fine for human eye recognition

who should use the color laser printer first

the price of the color laser printer is a little high for ordinary household users. In addition, the manufacturer may not have the intention to promote it to household users at present. So, what departments or occasions can become a part of the color laser printer first

as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is no reason to use a color laser printer, because the world is color, and we all need this high-end output method of laser color printing. However, as far as the current social consumption level is concerned, only some people can use the color laser printer first

1. All departments that print business documents frequently cannot say that a color laser printer can determine the success or failure of a business activity, but a vivid and creative copy may become an important weight to win a contract

if there is only an occasional piece of material, you can take it to the printing service on the street to print; If there is only a small amount of material, you can buy a color inkjet printer to print; If it is a department or enterprise with scale, strength, attention to its own modern image and frequent printing business, then this color laser printer should be a must

2. If there is a certain amount of printing, the cost of laser color printing will be much lower than that of inkjet printing, which is obviously suitable for commercial typing and copying service, advertising and design departments. Including the self-employed who print business cards and cards, it is obvious that they are also suitable for using color laser printers. The cost of printing a box of real color business cards should be solved by 7 yuan, and there is still half of the profit for selling a box of 15 yuan

3. Small batch color printing business

the color laser printer is responsible for small batch color printing, which is fast and simple, and the overall cost should be lower. Color laser printer developers have been interested in occupying this application field

4. Government or military departments generally solve the problem of purchasing funds for color laser printers. These departments may regularly upload and distribute more than a dozen or dozens of red headed documents. Using color laser printers, there is no need to apply specially printed document paper. Printing documents can be fast, convenient and accurate. Military departments often use color maps and plotting through language programming, and it is most convenient to use color laser printers

color laser printing is not a ship whose mast has been seen on the sea, but a passenger ship that has been moored at the wharf waiting to anchor. What needs to be done is to buy a ticket that is not too low at present

color laser printing is no longer a dream

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