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Main technical parameters of scc3200 crawler crane

1 Manufacturers and users of safe control system are very annoyed: the two operation modes of work and installation are convenient and reliable; If only rising and falling do not work, it has the functions of real-time display of the stability and levelness of the whole machine, stopping moving after leaving the machine, further improving the supporting ability of industrial energy conservation and green development, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic direction adjustment of walking, closed-circuit monitoring, etc., and the safety and monitoring devices are complete

2. Excellent operating performance: load sensing, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic proportional micro speed control make each action micro motion excellent and the operation more stable

3. Reliable function guarantee: all key components are of international famous brands; The safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient; The control system can operate stably in the harsh environment of high cold, high temperature, plateau and strong wind and sand

4. Convenient maintenance technology: the approach time of the parts to be adjusted is not more than 10min/person, and the approach time of the parts to be daily maintained is not more than 30min/person; The longest maintenance approach time is not more than 2h/person, and it is equipped with GPS remote monitoring system, which is convenient for users to maintain and manage the equipment

5. Strong lifting capacity: the maximum lifting capacity of the main boom is 320t/5m; The maximum lifting torque is 2192t m; The maximum length of the main boom can reach 84m; The longest combination of luffing jib is 66m+66m

6. Large chassis design: the rail is suitable for the fatigue life of various parts, springs, materials, etc. the chassis with a test distance of 7.25m ensures excellent operation stability within 360 rotation range

7. Optimized transportation scheme: the package transportation of boom can save the transportation cost for users to the greatest extent

8. Efficient assembly and disassembly technology: the crawler frame can be installed and disassembled by itself, providing customers with convenient installation options

9.100% walking with load: strong walking traction and walking stability will give full play to the advantages of crawler crane

10. Reliable transmission system: international famous brand hydraulic technology, stable and reliable system

11. Proprietary electronic control software: all operations are computer controlled, the system is simple, and the maintenance is more convenient; It has friendly man-machine interface and fault self diagnosis function, with high reliability

12. Centralized lubrication: automatic control centralized lubrication system, automatic lubrication of the whole vehicle, reducing the maintenance time and amount

13. Wide adaptability: meet the certification requirements of CE, North America, Australia and East Asia, and meet the third stage emission standards for off highway use in Europe and the United States

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