Main technical parameters of the hottest neutral g

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Main technical parameters of neutral grounding resistor

1 Resistance value of electrical characteristics at 20 C: 550 5%

rated short-time fault current: 10A

rated current through time: 2h

fault times: 1per hour

rated current: 10A

rated voltage: 4.16/3 kV

calculated voltage 36.75//3 kV

insulation class: 7.2kV

(according to IEC 60694)

withstand voltage test (50 Hz for 60: in chinapla1 s2019 International Rubber and plastic exhibition 32kv

(according to IEC 60694)

rated frequency 50/60Hz 5%

type of resistor: steel plate

maximum temperature borne by the resistor in case of fault: 760 C

(according to IEEE)

maximum temperature borne by the resistor in case of continuous current: 385 C

(according to IEEE)

maximum temperature of outer box in case of rated current: 70 C

ambient temperature: 50 C

color aisi61 spray

2,the Box characteristics

steel plate structure: stainless steel plate plastic spraying

plate thickness 2mm

resistor box: no

protection grade IP54

fixing hole: 4 x 18 mm

3 Approximate overall dimensions and weight

width: 800mm

depth: 1000mm

height: 2000mm

weight: 380kg

4 routine test

- appearance and size inspection

- measure the resistance value under cold conditions with Thomson bridge tester

- high insulation resistance test

- one minute more affordable power frequency withstand voltage test

5 relevant standards:

ieee STD. standard for neutral grounding equipment Conditions, terms and test procedures

6 its product quality and technical level are also constantly improving. Other standards (other possible)

iec 60071 insulation grade

iec 60529 enclosure protection grade

iec 60298 metal enclosure AC switching cabinets with rated voltage from 1kV to 72.5kV have ideal Responsible youth and control cabinet

General terms of IEC 60694 high voltage switchgear and control cabinet Standard

IEC 60137 ground bushing with AC voltage above 1000kV

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