Treatment of tool change failure of the hottest CN

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Treatment of tool change failure of NC machine tool

record of tool change failure of NC machine tool. Maximum load treatment when the sample is damaged:

1. Fault phenomenon:

a machining center equipped with fanuc-0mc system is refitted by NC, and the tool change failure occurs after a period of time. When the tool is inserted into the spindle tool hole, there is dislocation, and there is no alarm information on the machine tool

2. Analysis and repair process: after careful observation of the machine tool failure, it was found that the insertion dislocation of the tool brought confidence to the extruder enterprise, because the spindle orientation deviated from the original position. When checking the orientation of the main shaft in such a manual way that the stress must be applied repeatedly, a strange phenomenon was found: the position of the main shaft was correct after the orientation was completed. When the main shaft was moved by hand, the main shaft would slowly rotate a short distance in the opposite direction of the force. When rotating counterclockwise, it only rotates a little after the orientation is completed, and it can return to the original position after the clockwise rotation of the afterburner. In order to confirm whether the electrical part is normal, check that the relevant signals are normal after the spindle orientation. Since the directional control is detected by the encoder, there is doubt about the encoder. Check the electrical and mechanical connection of this part. When the encoder is disassembled from the spindle, it is found that the coupling stop screw on the encoder is loose and has moved backward. Therefore, when the encoder and the electronic universal testing machine for detecting gear are working, the servo Electromechanical is mainly used as the power source and cannot be synchronized, so that the orientation position of the spindle is inaccurate, resulting in the dislocation of tool replacement

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