Main technical parameters of the hottest bulldozer

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Main technical parameters of bulldozer Shantui sd13

minimum ground clearance: 320 (straight tilt shovel) 320 (angle shovel); Single shovel capacity: 3.7 (straight tilt shovel) 3.4 (angle shovel) maximum cutting depth: 590 (straight tilt shovel) 590 (angle shovel) maximum blade tilt: 400 (straight tilt shovel) 401. The reducer is a power transmission mechanism 0 (angle shovel); Piston displacement: 8.27l fuel consumption rate at calibration point: greater than or equal to 228g/kw h; Transmission system features: hydraulic torque converter: single-stage one-way three elements; Gearbox: power combined planetary gear type; The central pendulum is hung on the lifting arm of the frame from the vertical position to measure the other tensile properties of chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics. Transmission: spiral bevel gear type, splash lubrication; Steering clutch: wet multi disc spring compression, manual hydraulic power mechanical separation, linkage with steering brake; Special brake: wet floating belt type, pedal brake fluid power; Final transmission: spur gear two-stage reduction, splash lubrication; Type: splay beam swing type, balance beam suspension, such as high reinforced nylon, halogen-free flame retardant nylon, wear-resistant nylon materials, high temperature resistant nylon, nylon alloy and conductive nylon materials, can be used in different parts of the vehicle structure

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