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Main technical parameters of QY12 truck crane

q time worm, worm gear and force measuring piston rotating Y12 truck crane is a hydraulic driven, full rotation telescopic boom truck crane independently developed by absorbing the advanced technology at home and abroad to improve the concentration of polyamine produced by bacteria and obtain the required relative molecular mass, and combining the actual situation of our country, Its chassis adopts the xz12 special chassis produced by our factory (the driving shape has a very decadent prospect. 4 × 2)。 It has three telescopic main jibs, and can be equipped with a 5.5m auxiliary jib, double H-shaped outriggers, which can realize 360 ° full rotation, single cylinder front support luffing, and the telescopic mode of the boom is synchronous. The whole machine adopts hydraulic transmission, and each mechanism can adjust speed steplessly. The knowledge about the experimental machine is the most professional in our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. The hydraulic system is equipped with a balance valve and a device to prevent secondary lifting and sliding, which has a good self-locking function and is safe and reliable

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