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Overview of plastic beer bottles

beer is extremely sensitive to light and oxygen, and the oxygen permeability of beer bottles is required to be no more than 1 in 120 days × g. The loss of CO2 shall not exceed 5%. The pasteurization method adopted by breweries for beer requires that the temperature resistance of beer bottles must be higher than 65 ℃

glass bottles and aluminum cans are traditional beer packaging materials. However, glass bottles have the disadvantages of high energy consumption, bulkiness, explosive injury and high scrap rate; Aluminum cans have many disadvantages, such as large investment, simple bottle shape, opacity, and troublesome recycling

plastic bottles have become a focus of attention in the beer packaging industry because of their safety, lightness, energy conservation, environmental protection and other advantages. After a lot of research and experiments, it is found that PET polyester can meet some basic requirements of beer packaging after material modification or structural improvement. As a result, a variety of preparation schemes of PET plastic beer bottles with various advantages have been initiated, which have been widely used in Russia, South Korea, northern Europe, Germany, Brazil and other countries

it is predicted that% of beer in the world will be packaged in PET bottles in the next few years, and the global market demand will reach 30billion bottles/year

China is a large country of beer production and consumption, and has a very broad plastic beer bottle packaging market. The development of domestic plastic beer bottle industry has become a consensus within the industry. At present, the domestic trial schemes are: 1 Nylon modified PET single-layer bottle; 2. Three layer PET bottle with barrier material inside; 3. PET bottles with entrepreneur centered diaphragms are used by all departments of internal coating resistance market, R & D, procurement, customer service, etc; 4. Nano PET bottle; 5. Double plastic beer bottle

however, the scheme also has its own defects and cannot be widely promoted in China. With its excellent comprehensive performance, the double-layer plastic beer bottle in scheme 5 is equipped with testing: the drop hammer impact test meets all the technical standards of beer for beer bottles and beer enterprises for beer consumers, and shows how to improve these performance and quality demands when the temperature is too high. It is the only plastic beer bottle that can be used on a large scale in China and even the international market

source: Huabiao packaging and decoration materials Co., Ltd

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