Overview of the hottest packaging market in Spain

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Overview of the packaging market in Spain

the packaging market in Spain is US $12.147 billion, mainly made of plastic, with a total packaging demand of 66.58 billion pieces, of which flexible packaging and hard plastic packaging are the most popular, accounting for 33% and 24% of the total number of single pieces of packaging, respectively

the increase in demand for soft drinks, pet food and cosmetics has contributed to the growth of packaging in Spain. The development trend of consumers' lifestyle affects packaging. As Spanish consumers spend more time on work, they are willing to pay more money to buy high-quality, convenient and functional packages, which cannot be separated from the silent payment of Jinmin entrepreneurship service department. It is worth noting that the development of packaging technology includes the introduction of packaging that can be used for microwave heating, such as upright bags, thin plastic containers, etc. the products packaged with them can be directly heated in the packaging. Instant food packaging is a good example

it is predicted that the growth rate of the Spanish packaging market will reach 15% by 2007. The growing number of single families has driven the demand for packaging for personal use, such as pet food packaging bags, plates commonly used for all kinds of wood such as plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood plate ready to eat foods, and flexible plastic packaging for flavor snack packaging. The consumption of "eating while walking" has driven the most increase in small packaging sales. A typical example is the packaging of soft drinks. For example, in the past four years, the sales of PET bottles used to hold 330ml and 500ml carbonated drinks and water have increased significantly

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