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Trademark naming and design of innovative products

trademark is the symbol of innovative products. To make products enter the market, we must consider what kind of trademark to use. Usually, once a trademark is established, it may be used for several years, decades, or even longer. A trademark may bring an enterprise back to life and prosperity, and may also lead to a passive position in the superb competition. Therefore, the naming and design of trademarks is very important

1. Conception and naming

the key is to choose a good name. The name of a trademark should be closely related to the nature, content and form of products, that is, different products should seek corresponding competitive names according to their own characteristics. Brand names should be thought-provoking, easy to read and remember, thought-provoking, and can arouse people's good associations, but also have a wide range of adaptability. Trademarks are both auditory art and visual art. The requirements for trademarks should not only be good-looking, but also pleasant to hear, that is, the pronunciation should be catchy, the font should be concise and clear, and the meaning should be profound. For example, the trademark of a towel in Shanghai is named "414", which agrees with "try it". It not only reads loudly, but also subconsciously plays a role of pushing and then cleaning the surface of the experimental machine. Another example is the "Wahaha" trademark in Hangzhou, which not only points out that it is food, but also means that the service object of the product is children. Another example is "MAXAM" toothpaste, which has a long pronunciation and high and low tones, so it reads smoothly, simply and loudly, and has won high praise from consumers. Another example is the trademark of the world-famous beverage "Pepsi Cola", English is "Pepsi Cala", in which "pep" reminds people of the foam gas of beverages, and "Si" reminds people of the hissing sound of opening bottles. On the one hand, this pronunciation gives people an image association and makes people have a sense of appetite; On the other hand, names that are easy to associate will inevitably leave a deep impression on consumers

2. Design and drawing

after repeated deliberation, once the trademark suitable for innovative products is established, the next step is graphic design. The design of trademark is different from general art design. First of all, trademark is a visual art, which must have strong visual impact. It should be suitable for printing on product packaging, posters, newspapers, magazines, envelopes, business cards, as well as using TV, neon lights and street signs for publicity. This requires that the same standard must be clear and beautiful after being enlarged or reduced

the design forms of trademarks are various, but they can be summarized as follows

(1) Chinese character form. Chinese characters are used for deformation and combination to make them more marked and illustrative. For example, the permanent bicycle trademark in Shanghai is cleverly deformed and combined with the two Chinese characters "permanent" to make it into a bicycle shape, which is very consistent with the characteristics of the product and is a very successful design. The Yaxi trademark in Xinjiang also uses the deformation of the Chinese character "Ya", which has a strong visual effect

(especially the small impact space at the cable entry device) letter form. At present, many trademarks are changed and combined with letters. For example, the PVC embossed wallpaper trademark of Jiangxi is composed of the letters D and L. The trademark "F" of Shanghai leather shoes factory is also very representative

(3) concrete form. It uses specific images for processing and finishing as trademarks. For example, the electronic organ trademark of Shanghai Phoenix musical instrument factory is both like Phoenix and musical instrument. The companion trademark of Qingdao import branch is easy to understand and intuitive when holding two hands together

(4) abstract form. The design is composed of dots, lines and planes, which makes it a trademark with modern beauty and consistent with the characteristics of goods. It not only conforms to people's logical association, but also successfully reflects the connotation of products

(5) comprehensive form. Geometric shapes, pictographs, Chinese characters and letters are selected to combine with each other, so that they are not only beautiful and generous, but also reflect product characteristics and performance. For example, the bulb trademark is cleverly combined with the bulb shape and the letter "H", which has a strong visual effect; The trademark of Italian lighter is the combination of the shape of lighter and the letter "s", which is impressive. The manufacturer of screen crushing strength tester is particularly impressed

3. Trademark use and design strategy

although the trademark is small, it is the intangible wealth of the enterprise. Once a trademark is established, it must apply for registration. Only in this way can the trademark become the umbrella of enterprises, so as to establish a good image and reputation for their products in the fierce market competition, so as to open the market. In order to make innovative products enter the market smoothly, enterprises must also attach great importance to the brand design strategy of new products. The following strategies are adopted:

(1) special trademark strategy. The enterprise adopts different special trademarks according to the different product varieties it produces. Users can distinguish the varieties and models of these products from different special trademarks

(2) general trademark strategy. Some new products have just been launched, and users are not familiar with them, so it is difficult to promote them. Using the reputation of "old brands" to gain the trust of users can create conditions for quickly opening up sales. The "white cat" detergent series products produced by Shanghai detergent No. 5 factory are all marked with the trademark of white cat. Taking advantage of the reputation of "white cat detergent", it is conducive to the sales of other similar products

(3) borrow trademark strategy. Japan's Sony TV rented the trademark of S.R company in the United States just when the global peek will usher in the peak demand in 2018 and enter the U.S. market. Later, Sony TV got a foothold in the United States and was sold with its own Sony trademark. At present, the products of some Sino foreign joint ventures in China often borrow the trademarks of foreign companies to expand product sales and influence

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