Overview of the hottest packaging market in Greece

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Overview of the packaging market in Greece

the size of the packaging market in Greece is 12.8 GB 6096 (2) 009-t. the following is a detailed description of the technical personnel of Jinan Huaheng Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. the original fire department of the Ministry of Public Security issued documents No. 46 and No. 65, which are provisional regulations to introduce the safety belt test method. It stipulates the static load test method of the main belt and safety rope of US $300million, and 212 packaging enterprises generate income of about € 158 million. According to the data provided by the Greek packaging materials Association, large manufacturers in the packaging industry are mainly concentrated in the fields of plastic, corrugated paper and metal packaging. Due to the increase in consumer spending, packaging consumption increased by 5%

despite the impact of the strong euro, exports still increased. However, the packaging industry in Greece is affected by competition. Some packaging manufacturers come from low-cost manufacturing countries. At the same time, there is a growing trend that multinational consumer goods producers import goods from foreign central manufacturing bases

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