The hottest September 14, the darkness before dawn

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September 14 Linyi plastic PE: darkness before dawn

the Linyi plastic market fell to a low level yesterday afternoon, and there was a phenomenon of receiving goods in the market. For example, the lowest quotation of 1802 was 11900 yuan/ton, and the oil price stopped falling and rebounded today. Most merchants were unwilling to make an early offer, and their reference price temporarily remained yesterday's offer. At the same time, the market rumored that Yangzi Petrochemical would reduce its quotation, and merchants were waiting for these changes, In addition, many customers are waiting for the improvement of the market brought by the overhaul of Yangzi Petrochemical on the premise of good performance at the beginning of the second quarter

Qilu Petrochemical offered about 6098 yuan/ton, and imported low-pressure film materials offered 12750 yuan, such as: aluminum alloy and high-strength steel, aluminum and composite, composite and steel, and other matching methods -12850 yuan/ton; About 5000S yuan/ton; The quotation of high voltage tn26 is about yuan/ton, and that of 02tn00 is about yuan/ton; In terms of linearity, the quotation is about 1802 yuan/ton, the quotation of 7042 is about 12000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 7050 is about 11950 yuan/ton (the above price does not include tax)

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