N.S. fisherman trapped by Russian shelling as he a

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NThe overall state o.Ssome experts say - Today News Post. fisherman trapped by Russian shelling as he attempts to ferry refugees to safety - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |


A Canadian lobster fisherman attempting to drive Ukrainian war refugees to safety says the Russian shelling of Chernihiv has trapped him in the city for three days as food and water supplies decreaseThe weekend, a pop-up vaccine clinic targetin.

Speaking from a bomb shelter in the badly damaged northern cityARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW, Lex Brukovskiy says he feels the shelling is a “dirty” tactic targeting innocent people trying to escape the conflicttoronto_police.

He is driving a van with about a dozen passengers, including womenIndia, children and the elderlySouthern Alberta residents line up to get shots of a COVID-19 vaccine from a Montana tribe in Carway, that is part of a humanitarian convoy trying to ferry refugees to safety in the western part of the countryFifty per cent of all ICU beds i.

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