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In the half of October, the promotion war of Jiangcheng home decoration company has long been a vigorous one, and the price war of decoration companies has been raging. "Low carbon environmental protection" and "national standard project" are also the hot spots of some decoration companies this year. Many consumers said that they can see through the price tricks of decoration companies and can't earn money

decoration is a huge project that consumes financial resources and energy. A survey shows that Chinese people need to "go through at least 30 links, consult 200 operators, travel 48000 kilometers, have no rest for 30 weekends, and spend 200million brain cells" in decorating their houses. Some decoration companies have designed the scheme of "65000 in 65 days, carry in home decoration" for this problem, and the time and cost are reduced by "40% and" 50% respectively compared with the same level of service in the market

decoration companies are fighting a price war

the editor found in his visit that many companies have very favorable price wars. In order to ensure high-end quality, Aohua decoration has launched a series of concessions, including n-fold value-added deposit of 1000 yuan, free upgrade of environmental protection materials, free extraction of 10000 yuan of main materials, signing and delivery of Philips home appliance sets, direct delivery of 1 out of 5 brand main materials, etc., with the preferential range being the largest in the year

zimingdu decoration pays 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, and gives 10000 yuan red envelopes; Carnival decoration takes the owner to visit 36 innovative processes and unprecedented five-star services of the carnival. Expert designers provide one-on-one exclusive services, and prepare nine Supreme gifts! Get 30000 gift bags for registration

decoration price war consumers are not cold

the prices of various decoration companies are very favorable, but consumers are not cold about the price war "tricks" of home decoration companies

"now it costs 70000 or 70000 to install a house. The cheap one certainly can't meet the requirements, and the expensive one can't afford to install it." Ms. Huang has a small family new house in Optics Valley, with a decoration budget of 80000 yuan. After the national day, she has found several decoration companies, but it is increasingly difficult to shop around. Ms. Huang said that although the installation of a house wants to be cheap, it is too cheap to use. Save 5000 yuan or invite a famous designer. Ms. Huang struggled between the two big companies for a month, and finally chose the former according to the estimated budget

the sales manager of a home decoration company told Xiaobian that although the so-called "low-carbon" concept is very hot, the selection and construction status of the domestic home decoration industry is still far from the low-carbon standard, which is also very clear to consumers. What they ultimately care about is the balance between price and quality. "The vast majority of home decoration budgets are limited. Even if they understand that one price is one goods, they still inevitably tend to low-cost services."

participation in "decoration bidding" is guaranteed.

Wuhan home decoration network reminds advertising consumers that it is best to sign a decoration contract with a licensed decoration company. The prices of some decoration companies seem to be low, but the after-sales service is not guaranteed. Secondly, when signing the contract, we should try our best to write the content carefully and accurately, the rights and obligations should be equal and clear, and the liability for breach of contract should be clear and specific, so as to prevent the public from saying that it is fair and reasonable after disputes occur. During acceptance, consumers should carefully check the function of the equipment and check the quantities. Consumers should also pay attention to keeping all kinds of invoices and receipts, so as to prevent the other party from not admitting after oral promises

in addition, you can also participate in the "decoration bidding" of Wuhan home decoration network, and let the three decoration companies work out the budget plan, and Wuhan home decoration network will have a special supervisor to help you review the budget, so you don't have to worry about adding items and missing items during decoration. [participate in decoration bidding]





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