Yunnan Maitreya Europe general manager joined pina

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The alliance of strong players has promoted the original products to higher quality. Since ancient times, strong players have been united and invincible. This time, Yunnan Maitreya Europe general manager joined pinai cabinet, which will surely create stronger products. Please look forward to it

pinai cabinet has developed into a strong enterprise in China's cabinet industry after years of wind and rain, creating first-class products. The majority of consumers have witnessed the wind and rain of pinai cabinet and become a loyal supporter of pinai cabinet

pinai cabinet has developed into a professional cabinet manufacturer with large-scale production workshops, advanced production equipment and experienced design, production and installation technical teams. After a lot of market research and careful preparation, the company integrated resources and launched its own brand pinai, which won the welcome and praise of customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices and diversified and humanized design styles

Maitreya county, located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, is the north gate of Honghe Prefecture. The transportation in the county extends in all directions, with good location and transportation advantages. Maitreya City, located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, is the north gate of Honghe Prefecture. It has outstanding people, the aura of heaven and earth, and the brilliance of the sun and moon. Maitreya is famous for its lake spring ecological park. The size of the park can be "one park and half a city" The reputation of. I wish Maitreya Honghe franchise store opening like a cloud of customers and hot sales

Mr. ou, the franchise store, is young and energetic, has a very clear investment idea, and has a very comprehensive and subtle investigation of the brand. After some consideration and comparison, he agrees with the brand concept of pinai cabinet very much, is optimistic about the development prospect of pinai, and resolutely decides to cooperate and join, and expresses great confidence in expanding new stores in other regions of Yunnan in 2-3 years. The exhibition hall is located in the main urban area of Maitreya Honghe. It is also an independent street front store in the home town with the most popular building materials brands. It has a good door display effect. Now it is under intense decoration preparation. It is expected to open grandly before October 1. Please look forward to it

the recognition of pinai cabinet brand concept, franchise stores and pinai cabinet work together to create stronger products, which will surprise every consumer





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