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Today, with the gradual development of the customized wardrobe Market, Kanoya focuses on manufacturing high-quality furniture. Now business opportunities are emerging, how to grasp them? Welcome to Kanoya booth of Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition

customized wardrobe has been one of the necessary furniture for European and American families since the 1980s, but it is only in the initial stage of development in China. With the continuous improvement of Chinese people's living standards, customized wardrobe has gradually come into the eyes of Chinese families. According to the family survey results, more than 80% of families still use finished furniture, and 90% of families are not satisfied with the collocation of their own furniture

look at the above results, I believe you will understand

yes, nowadays, China's customized furniture industry is still in a depressed or undeveloped state, which is business opportunity

how do we seize this opportunity

on March 23, the fifth Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou Poly world trade exhibition hall. This exhibition brought together hundreds of wardrobe brands, including many well-known brands in the wardrobe industry, such as canola, Sofia, and hospitality. Among them, with the investment policy of "recruiting counties and cities", Kanoya further strengthens investment attraction and strives to achieve a win-win situation with investors

so, are you ready

welcome to the exhibition hall or the largest Kanoya wardrobe Experience Hall in the industry

address of Kanoya Experience Hall: take subway line 8 to Wanshengwei by one stop, and then transfer to line 4 to cheponan exit C)

Kanoya booth number: March 24-26, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall 1c05





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