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Plastic door curtain is a low-cost, mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, schools and so on. Moreover, the plastic door curtain has the main characteristics of heat preservation, sound insulation, windproof and so on. Deeply favored by consumers

plastic door curtains are very common in life. Now there are many kinds of plastic door curtains in the market. Different materials will not only have great differences in use functions, but also affect the price. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the plastic curtain manufacturers and the installation steps of plastic curtain

plastic curtain manufacturers

1. Chengdu Jinniu District Haoda curtain business department

first of all, wholesale manufacturers pay great attention to which plastic curtain manufacturers are good. However, here is Chengdu Jinniu Haoda door curtain business department. The plastic door curtain manufacturer was founded in 2008 and is a large enterprise specializing in the production and wholesale of plastic door curtains

2. Chengdu Jinniu District Tianguan door curtain business department

the plastic door curtain manufacturer in Jinniu District, Chengdu is relatively good. Compared with the plastic door curtain manufacturer we just learned, the business department was founded a little later, and it was founded in 2010. Is specialized in the management of plastic door curtains

Guangzhou Chaofa plastic products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chaofa plastic products Co., Ltd. is a place with strong productivity. There are many plastic door curtain manufacturers gathered here. As one of the well-known plastic door curtain manufacturers in China, it was founded as early as 1996. It has been supported and appreciated by the industry and consumers

installation steps of plastic door curtain

1. First take out the plastic door curtain, and then flatten the right and left sides of the bottom of the plastic door curtain, and then adjust the alignment, smooth the magnetic strip outward, straighten it out, and then pull it in

2. Put the door curtain into the soft door edge respectively, and then align and pull the two pieces of the magnetic strip into a whole based on the bottom edge of the soft door

3. During installation, the left and right spacing should be aligned, and the middle should be slightly higher. Take the middle of the upper edge of the left and right soft doors as the standard, fix it on the door pocket with appropriate tightness, then straighten it, flatten both sides of the door frame, wrap cloth edges, and fix it

4. Fix the decorative lace on the top of the door head

editor's summary: that's all about the plastic curtain manufacturers and the installation steps of plastic curtain. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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