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If Cisco joins the super fusion War: it needs to use your cash

Cisco should buy nutanix or pure, or both, so that it can truly participate in the continuous hot fusion and super fusion system war in the storage market

Cisco acquires invicta, owns UCS servers, and maintains partners with many enterprise level fusion and hyper fusion system providers, making Cisco have more storage strength. It can be seen that Cisco is very willing to invest in this field. Cisco and EMC also cooperate on VCE, but they are also facing more and more pressure

system manufacturers of it and management service providers currently deployed internally are increasingly focusing on converged and hyper converged systems. Dell and HPE are leading the way. The following is a list:

Dell: acquired EMC and is building a vblock/vspexucs server business


Huawei: Cisco knows Huawei's strength in the telecommunications market


in the competition of converged/hyper converged systems, all these manufacturers have or will have stronger storage strength than Cisco. This gives each of them the opportunity to instill in customers and potential customers that Cisco really values storage? Question

then, how can Cisco, a light storage company, effectively compete with these manufacturers and prove that it only gets involved in the storage field by cooperating with emc/vce to integrate the system server/network and overlapping the super fusion transaction in the channel

Cisco's investment in srpingpath will only prove that Cisco values hyperconverged systems, while nutanix and simplivity dominate in terms of revenue, surpassing other start-ups. Dell EMC and HPE are also fiercely fighting back

if Cisco has enough funds to purchase pure, it can purchase it directly. Is it not enough to learn from the $415million acquisition of whitail in order to enter the full flash array market

it will cost about US $4 to US $5billion to acquire pure. Now P has decided to adopt the one arm approach. The market value of ure is US $2.73 billion. Dell bought EMC for $67billion. Michael Dell is at least as smart as chuck Robbins. The $5billion acquisition of pure is acceptable, which will help Cisco avoid a lot of trouble

if Cisco really values super integration, it should acquire nutanix or simplivity. This is a different market from full flash arrays. You can find flash providers that can work with pure

if there are many voices about acquiring NetApp, you can also consider it. We know that pure is more attractive in the flash memory market than NetApp, and its price is also lower than NetApp. The market of the latter can be divided according to the friction movement mode: the value of linear reciprocating friction and wear tester is about $6.73 billion, and the latter has not yet come up with its own super fusion strategy

in any case, it is meaningless to sit here and discuss springpath in the super fusion field, kaminario in the full flash memory field, or violin as the only choice. The market is advancing rapidly, and HPE, Dell and EMC will all step in at any time. China has Huawei and Lenovo. These two manufacturers, together with Hitachi, will become the three giants in Asia

even though Cisco is afraid to encounter a situation like whittail again. The senior executives in charge of UCS and the senior executives in charge of corporate networks (3) turn on the main power supply of the experimental machine, the power supply of the computer and the display in turn directly to chuck Robbins, the CEO, or a direct reporter of chuck. After acquiring pure, Scott dietzen, a senior executive, can report to chuck

the media build Cisco: Tell UCS executives that they hope to come up with an agreed strategy for using UCS servers within three months and a product within nine months. No if, no but, monthly report. Demoting anyone who obstructs them is not a scientific experiment. It is a basic management rule. It is something chambers forgot in the fiasco caused by whittail/invicta

for nutanix and simp4 The same is true of livity executives when loading. So, Cisco, start using your cash and really join the game of converged/hyper converged storage

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