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The future market of cigarette packaging will combine with art.

cigarette packaging is a world. This beautiful world is composed of three elements: color, pictures and words

in short, the packaging of tobacco is a small cigarette label. But we can't underestimate it. Every firework is a world. When you enter this world, you can see the beautiful scenery, look back on the vicissitudes of history, be heroic and picturesque, and experience the truth of the world at a level of 0.5/1000

in the past, the design of each cigarette label was focused on the promotion of the brand and the display of the characteristics. But now we urgently need to pursue the connotation of tobacco culture and highlight the task of humanistic personality, so as to protect the host from damage

2004 is undoubtedly a bumper year for the tobacco world. The merger and reorganization has been carried out vigorously. Compared with it, the thunder of the reform of tobacco packaging seems to be very little

the designs of cigarette labels are basically based on the principle of naming objects, and are divided into four categories - flowers, birds, fish and insects, birds and animals, mountains and rivers, and jade treasures. There are few changes in the characters. Taking the running script as the standard, the cursive script and other fonts rarely appear. The familiar "cloud and smoke" is the ink treasure selected from the calligrapher Wang Xizhi

packaging is the most flexible in the use of color, with red, white and blue as the background color. Red is the most commonly used color, which seems to have some implications with the unique humanistic spirit and aesthetic outlook of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation has a strong emotional color for red. It is a symbol of good luck and a lucky color

the use of color in packaging has certain rules in cigarette labels. Red is all over the high, middle and low-grade cigarettes, and blue is divided into two poles, taking the lead in the high and low-grade cigarettes. White is only medium and low-grade products. However, Beijing Zhongnanhai seems to have a special preference for dialogue and porn. A series of low hazard Zhongnanhai are mainly white, quite clear to light

2004 is also the original year of high-end cigarettes. Many high-end cigarettes came into being and took the lead in this year. Honghe V8, Yunyan impression, best white sand, Yellow Crane Tower 1916, etc. are all selling well. The popularity of high-grade cigarettes has driven the improvement of tobacco science and technology, and shocked the development of tobacco packaging. How a kind of packaging can more accurately reflect the noble and elegant temperament and contain the profound meaning of tobacco culture is bound to become the focus of tobacco innovation. In this case, the packaging of all high-end cigarettes is covered with a layer of simple or gorgeous clothing

from the perspective of the packaging of high-end cigarettes, the future tobacco packaging will go through a long and arduous road. Originally, it should have gone from "three elements" to "diversification", but it will go from "diversification" to "unification". In terms of Taoist ideas, it means turning back to simplicity

taking Honghe V8 as an example, the packaging is exquisite, the black and red background has a profound artistic conception, and the horizontal oblique characters mean extraordinary. At a glance, we will immediately have a direct association. We think of a luxurious sports car, and then think that such cigarettes were originally a symbol of identity. Packaging can give people a sense of pride

take the free time of the three pagodas as an example. Compared with the patterns of the old three pagodas, the dark blue handwriting and the pure white coat really give people a fresh and spiritual feeling

even these exquisite works are also regrettable. It seems that the tobacco world is extremely small, and it is inevitable that there will be a sense of sameness and deja vu. From the Red River V8, I will think of the state guest welcoming pine, and then think of the century treasure Huangguoshu, which is the same dark red with extraordinary taste. We will also marvel that the Blue Red Golden Dragon and the red cover golden saint are like twin sisters, and the white three pagodas are the same as the white Meideng

the packaging of tobacco is actually a work of art. It's just that when we create works, our methods are aging and our ideas are similar. In addition to the above and below structure of Chinese characters and pinyin on the packaging and the layout of characters on the drawings, do we have any more beautiful artistic means

so when we are going to deepen the art of packaging, and when we are going to show our skills in an inch of land, many new problems are coming fiercely, which seem to turn the world upside down

environmental pollution caused by the extensive use of non degradable materials and other substances in packaging. After the implementation of the Convention on tobacco control, will warnings account for 1/3 to 1/2 of the front area of cigarette boxes affect brand publicity. This is not only the contradiction between packaging materials and consumer aesthetics, but also the challenge of packaging innovation

however, this is not a worrying issue. Smoking is harmful to health. This idea has been advocated for many years, but the number of smokers is still increasing. Since the campaign to quit smoking can not eradicate tobacco from the world, what is the problem of packaging. What we need to do is to coax consumers to update their previous ideas on cigarettes, replace the gorgeous packaging with deepening the cultural connotation of tobacco, and make use of contradictions to turn disadvantages into advantages while solving contradictions

the Chinese ink painting is different from the western oil painting only in terms of techniques. So simple but not simple, gorgeous but not gorgeous packaging style, why can't we try it? Only by being the first person to eat crabs can we enjoy the taste of success

of course, everything is difficult at the beginning. Since we can't achieve our goal in one step, we have to go one step at a time. I think we should solve the problem of warning signs first, and then proceed with the problem of degradation

the warning words on the current cigarette label - smoking is harmful to health, which are usually printed on the side. If the area is more than one-third, this small area will be very crowded, and it will not be harmonious with the overall brand design. The traffic jam mode will also be started on some sections of the other three easily blocked lines in the direction of Beijing. However, it is also easy to solve this problem. Do some special treatment to this sentence, like laser photocopying, when the font is at an angle to the light. Or you can combine this sentence into a beautiful pattern in the form of fine art words according to the Chinese people's pleasing preferences. This will not damage the overall artistic effect of the cigarette label, but also conform to our aesthetic view, killing two birds with one stone

after solving the warning, we will start to solve the problem of environmental degradation. We can see a pattern on the cigarette label that we can't throw cigarette boxes randomly. This is a good environmental label. We can also print similar and more exquisite patterns, just move the bar code on the left to the bottom of the cigarette label. If the degradation cannot be achieved at one time, local degradation can be adopted, and then all

in addition, I have some immature suggestions for reference only

each brand has a concise language that reflects its own ideas. Unfortunately, these popular languages have not been well used in packaging. I have only seen Zhongnanhai write in small letters on the side of the cigarette label - scientific and technological innovation life. We also have many familiar languages. For example, the environment grows from the heart to the charming child, showing the general's true colors between the fingers, and the mountain is the peak. We can go as far as we think. Classical sentences like this can enter the world of packaging

the characters and graphics on the package are combined to form a brand logo with modern characteristics like the ancient Chinese hieroglyphs

is it feasible to use a matchbox cigarette case to solve the previous unsanitary habit of touching the cigarette end with your fingers when taking cigarettes

issue a complete set of cigarette labels with collection value, just like stamps, and actually sell some combined gift packs, which will provide a broader world for cigarette label collectors to be more interested in

the future of tobacco packaging will be combined with art, and take a different road. Let's look forward to and step into a wonderful world

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