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Cisco collaboration technology continues to improve the new experience of enterprises and individuals

Cisco's new personal collaboration tool is reasonably priced to facilitate the use of every employee, support employees to contact, carry out dialogue and access data in a new way, and accelerate the improvement of business results

CTI forum news on May 20 (Liwenjie): in 2014 ciscolive! At the conference, Cisco announced the launch of three new personal collaboration tools to continue to reshape the way people connect with people inside and outside the enterprise. These tools will help enterprise employees quickly complete the work that requires a high degree of collaboration, and avoid the problems caused by complex technology. Two of these tools are used for Desktop Deployment and the other is used for cloud deployment

currently, employees who belong to the same team or work together on the same task do not have to be in the same area or office, but they need to feel in the same place in order to do a good job. Today, more than ever before, enterprises need to provide excellent tools for every employee, not just senior managers, so that they can get rid of the trouble of technology, collaborate immediately after being informed, and complete their work efficiently. Excellent collaboration technology for all people is no longer optional, but has become an indispensable tool in the work. As future employees continue to put forward higher requirements for the place, time and way to complete the work, this technology will be an essential element for the success of the enterprise both at present and in the future

these innovative tools launched by Cisco are reasonably priced and designed to be easy for every employee to use. They will enable employees to contact, talk and access data in new ways, so as to accelerate the improvement of business results

these new innovative tools include:

on the desktop: a personal collaboration device that has the functions required by the CEO but is priced for every employee.

in the process of pursuing a perfect collaboration environment, employees' desktops will be filled with special technologies customized for specific tasks, such as voice only, webcams and monitors. Adopting so many different technologies for each task clearly increases the cost of the company and the complexity of the IT managers who support it. At the same time, when employees switch between different devices and collaboration methods throughout the day, the experience may be significantly different, which will increase their frustration

Cisco is committed to solving this problem by introducing new dx70 and dx80 desktop collaboration devices. Just as intelligence has completely changed our mobile life, the dx70 and dx80 based on Android can support us to easily obtain all top-level tools we need and export to developed countries mainly in the middle and low end applications when we carry out work that requires a high degree of collaboration, so as to optimize and simplify our work life. Although this integrated desktop experience is very suitable for the CEO, its pricing is suitable for every employee

the main user benefits of these two devices include:

- an unparalleled experience. The dx70 and dx80 based on Android have large touch screens, which bring together the latest professional innovations of Cisco in the fields of high-definition video, high-end audio and web conferencing, as well as integrated business applications and web browsing. They can bring users an outstanding collaboration experience that is different and needs comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation

- customizable workplace. These devices have proven architectures and mature APIs, and adopt a full-featured Android operating system, which can support enterprises and third parties to develop applications to meet specific needs. For example, enterprises can develop whiteboard applications, or integrate applications with their CRM tools or vertical applications

- amazing design. Dx70 and dx80 not only eliminate the clutter of the desktop, but also have beautiful and smooth lines, which can be regarded as the classic works of Cisco's award-winning Scandinavian * design

- intelligent technology. The dx80 is also equipped with intelligent audio. This is a new feature designed to keep the picture and voice synchronized. With this feature, people at the receiving end can clearly see you and hear your voice without disturbing background noise. Whether it's a barking dog in your home office or a colleague talking in the adjacent work area, all kinds of voices can be perfectly filtered. In addition, these devices are equipped with intelligent proximity recently released by Cisco, so that you can pair DX with your mobile, access your personal address book and call records, and switch ongoing calls, just as you switch calls from to the vehicle system

- share the experience. These devices can remember different users and are very suitable for shared work environments. Users only need to enter their own login credentials, and the device can quickly provide their stored settings, contact lists, call records and other information

in the cloud: your permanent gathering place - cmr

Cisco has unparalleled experience in providing world-class video experience through real solutions. At the same time, Cisco has also established the world's largest real-time collaboration service in the cloud: Cisco WebEx. Today, we will really have a great advantage with WebEx? The scale and flexibility of are perfectly combined to launch the collaborative conference room (CMR) solution. CMR can provide a personalized, secret and always available video collaboration space for everyone in the cloud. These rooms allow you to hold meetings and support attendees to join your private cloud conference room using their preferred devices. Can these devices be Cisco? Video terminals, other standard based video terminals, desktop or mobile clients (such as WebEx), or even soft clients similar to Microsoft lync. The joining process is very simple. Users only need to click on the unique address of your room

the main user benefits of this device include:

- meeting in the way you need. Cisco collaborative conference room (CMR) can accommodate more concurrent users than any other enterprise class solution on the market. In addition, users can schedule meetings, hold instant meetings, or use a dedicated conference URI to meet in a permanent conference room at all times

- stay in touch the way you need. You can easily access CMR from any terminal, including Cisco terminal or any other standards based terminal, soft client and all mobile or desktop web clients (such as jabber) that support WebEx. CMR can also interoperate with lync 2010 and 2013 and other third-party clients

- deploy in the way your company needs. With today's new cloud options, enterprises can now choose the deployment mode that best suits their needs, including cloud, on-site or hybrid mode

other collaboration news released at the same time:

2014 marks the 15th anniversary of Cisco's launch of ip8800 series. By making full use of the rich innovation accumulated in this field, Cisco specially launched ip8800 series. This series of products is the best IP audio in Cisco's history. It also provides USB ports on some models to charge mobile devices to meet the needs of customers in the industry. At the same time, it provides intelligent mobile voice function so that employees can import contacts and call records, or switch ongoing voice or video calls from mobile devices to their 8800 Series landline phones

- Cisco's collaboration infrastructure: the intelligence behind the experience. Although terminals and experiences are often eye-catching, Cisco's collaboration infrastructure is the hero behind it; This infrastructure supports our industry-leading voice, video and conferencing services and endpoint combinations, and enables users to easily conduct important business communications anytime, anywhere, using any device. Therefore, Cisco also released important updates to infrastructure products today. The main aspects enhanced in this version include user self-service and single sign on (SSO), mobile security, application integration and video interworking

Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of the collaboration technology business unit of Cisco, said: dx70 and dx80 are designed from the beginning to provide the best collaboration experience for every desktop computer in the enterprise. They are truly exciting devices. By combining these devices with collaborative meeting room services, users can have their own private meeting room all the time and collaborate with anyone through any device at any time. Only Cisco can combine amazing hardware, incredible software, and powerful networks to provide anyone with their own exclusive collaboration space in the cloud and on the desktop. They can even call themselves

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