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On January 5, CITIC Heavy Industry held a middle-level cadres' meeting to review and summarize the work in 2016, arrange and deploy the work in 2017, and put forward clear requirements for the adjusted company leaders and middle-level cadres

wangchunmin, general manager of CITIC Heavy Industry, reviewed the company's work in 2016 from eight aspects: marketing, technology research and development, production quality, new industry development, internal management, mass entrepreneurship and innovation, employee welfare and Party building, analyzed and summarized the company's achievements and outstanding problems in 2016, and defined the main business indicators to be completed by the company in 2017

yuzhangfa, chairman and party secretary of CITIC Heavy Industries, said that in the new year, we shoulder a new mission. It is our unswerving strategic goal to build CITIC Heavy Industry into a modern equipment manufacturing enterprise with international competitiveness and a listed company with investment value. It is the common wish of the company to introduce a simple and intuitive speed and force verification method for electronic tensile testing machine, so as to make the company's development more quality, make the company's brand louder, and make employees' lives happier. Facing the crisis, deepening reform, innovating and developing, effectively breaking through the current development bottleneck, climbing over the barrier and realizing the benign development of the company are the due responsibilities of all cadres

2017 brings us new opportunities. It is mainly reflected in the regional development strategies of "made in China 2025" and "the Belt and Road"; In the economic downturn, the investment value of some enterprises began to appear; CITIC Group adheres to the strategic direction of developing both financial services and industrial investment; The construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration bases for national enterprises, the construction of Luoyang area of Henan Free Trade Zone, etc

2017, we are facing new challenges. We must answer and solve nine strategic issues: how to focus on the business model of "core manufacturing + integrated services" and improve the overall value creation ability of the company through continuous adjustment and optimization of business portfolio and business layout; How to transform to an international enterprise; How to transform to a comprehensive service provider; How to strengthen the leading role of technological innovation and cultivate emerging industries to become new growth points; How to take CITIC Heavy Industry as the center to build an industrial ecosystem and create value for customers together with enterprises in the supply chain; How to further adjust the control mode to the mode of "industrial sector + functional control"; How to adjust the investment mode and achieve the strategic development goals through mergers and acquisitions with the help of the capital market; How to deepen the reform and stimulate the development vitality of enterprises through the reform of system and mechanism; How to implement the quality improvement project to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the company's products

chairman Yu Zhangfa pointed out that the overall idea of the company's work in 2017 is to adhere to the development idea of "strategic guidance, innovation driven, value enhancement", focus on customer needs, take technological innovation as the guide, take management innovation as the means, take talent development as the support, take improving quality and efficiency as the main line, take deepening reform as the driving force, do a stable and excellent main business, and vigorously cultivate and develop the average ear peak height The average ear making Valley has developed new momentum, and gradually formed a good situation with clear strategic orientation, outstanding innovation ability, effective control mode, optimized business layout, and significantly improved development quality and benefits, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company

chairman Yu Zhangfa said that we emphasize strategy leading development because only by strengthening strategy leading can we eliminate interference, concentrate on nothing and always stick to the correct development direction. Only when the direction is clear can we go steadily and far; You can get twice the result with half the effort by going the right way

the company's strategic development thinking is embodied in the "four changes": the development orientation, from a heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise to a modern equipment manufacturing group integrating multi plate businesses; The driving force for development is changing from traditional kinetic energy to traditional kinetic energy + new kinetic energy; Development mode, from product management to industrial management; The development path has changed from emphasizing asset linear growth to neglecting asset and structural growth

we emphasize "innovation driven development" because innovation is our "gene" and the first driving force for the development of CITIC Heavy Industries. "Innovation driven development" means deepening technological innovation and striving to be "indomitable". Dingtian: the core technology must keep leading in the industry, at home and even internationally; Location: the core technology must be industrialized on a large scale. It is necessary to deepen management innovation, especially business model innovation, speed up the transformation to "core manufacturing + integrated service provider", and it is suggested to do a good job in daily protection and enter the "fast lane" of innovation and development

we emphasize "value promotion and development" because one of the basic principles of the company's comprehensive deepening reform is to follow the value orientation, adding the high value and subtracting the low value, so as to continuously improve the market value of the company

the key work in 2017 is as follows:

first, strengthen the innovation drive. Continuously deepen technological innovation, strive to promote management innovation, and effectively promote business model innovation

second, build an industrial sector. We will stabilize and optimize the core manufacturing, key basic components, complete engineering, and manufacturing service sectors of the traditional kinetic energy, and vigorously cultivate and develop new kinetic energy sectors such as robots and intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy power equipment, and military industry

third, accelerate international development. With the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" national strategy, we will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, strengthen international market development and product structure adjustment, quickly promote the internationalization process, and strengthen and expand the company's international market

fourth, promote the implementation of reform. Support the expansion and strengthening of various industrial sectors through the reform of organizational control mode; Stimulate the vitality and creativity of various industries and systems through the reform of the salary system; The reform of the cadre and personnel system, strengthening the responsibility spirit of the cadre team, and building a team of professional managers; Effectively promote the development of new products and new businesses through the reform of technical system

fifth, deepen the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Build a comprehensive service provider with Internet + as the starting point; Build and improve the "three mass entrepreneurship" platform; Enrich the connotation of "four groups dancing together" maker system; Promote the reform and innovation of system and mechanism; Improve the construction level of maker space

Sixth, strengthen party building. We will fully implement the principle of managing the party, give prominence to the party's leadership, strengthen party building, always maintain the party's progressiveness and purity, and forge a strong leadership core for the development of various undertakings

chairman Yu Zhangfa asked the cadres to always be enterprising and always grasp the first priority of development; Always cherish the heart, always strengthen the responsibility and practical work; We have obtained systematic and characteristic innovative research results in the preparation of new medical polymer nanocomposites and their micro processing, and we will always be open-minded and United; Always be in awe and always be honest

chairman Yu Zhangfa called on all cadres to make joint efforts and lead all employees to make new and greater contributions to the development of CITIC Heavy Industry in the spirit of "time waits for no man" in the critical period when the company focuses on new positioning, seizes new opportunities and writes a new chapter. (this article is from CITIC Heavy Industries)

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