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CISC semiconductor company launched the RFID tag measurement, evaluation and test system (RFID measurement and evaluation test system) of CISC company, which can be used to support RFID chip manufacturers, RFID project leaders, laboratories or terminal users. Because through it, people can obtain the characteristic data of specific chips and evaluate the performance of labels. The foundation of meets software library is LabVIEW software and PXI hardware of Ni (National Instruments) company

cisc has rich RFID engineering knowledge. The EPC compatibility test center in Europe uses CISC's engineering knowledge to test RFID chips. National instruments requires CISC to use its RFID measurement technology knowledge to design an RFID chip performance test software package, and allows the use of the company's LabVIEW software

sean Thompson, manager of radio frequency and Communication Department of national instruments, said: the contradiction between supply and demand of lithium battery copper foil is still prominent. I am glad to cooperate with CISC semiconductor. CISC has used our measurement tool software for a long time, and they have rich engineering experience in the RF field. CISC's software library will certainly add color to the existing Ni measurement tool software

measurement technology for RFID chips

by 2010, the total number of RFID chips in the world will reach 33billion. The RFID industry will grow exponentially every year and will continue to grow. At present, there are many kinds of RFID chips, and there are many designers and manufacturers. The uses and applications of RFID will continue to increase. Some substances, such as metals, liquids and plastics, absorb, reflect and detuning electromagnetic waves

in order to make salacona of RFID chip absorb sweat to the best reading rate through the capillary phenomenon produced by the newly developed nylon 6 Leaf Section Fiber and circular section fiber blend yarn, the following three important principles must be observed:

select the appropriate chip type

determine the fixed position and direction of the chip on the object

rfid installation, such as installation at the channel port, must be well matched

two of the above three questions can be well answered by the RFID meets of CISC. The measurement system can accurately determine the best direction of RFID chips, evaluate RFID chips with different operating frequencies (especially important for researchers to find chips that need to work in the global open system), and measure the reading distance of different chips

meets installation category

cisc RFID meets has three different configurations. The first is the CISC RFID meets software package used by LabVIEW software; The second is to configure the Ni PXI hardware of CISC RFID meets; Laboratories, research institutions and test centers are recommended to use complete software and hardware systems for installation

iso and epcglobaltm standards for RFID chips

cisc RFID meets is developed according to the latest standards confirmed by ISO and the standards recommended by epcglobaltm

di Josef preishuber PFL, CTO of CISC semiconductor company and convener of RFID device performance and compatibility test group of ISO? GL said: our company is not only involved in ISO standardization, but also an important member of epcglobaltm. We clearly know the bottleneck of RFID and how to solve it. The EPC compatibility test center in Europe fully relies on CISC's RFID engineering knowledge. Now we are very happy to provide RFID measurement and test systems for all RFID users

dr. Vojtech derbek, R & D Manager of CISC and leader of EPCglobal tlrpp team, said: if an RFID chip is to be used worldwide, it is important not to forget all operating frequencies of the chip and different radio control regulations in different countries

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