The hottest cigarettes can change like cocktails

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Cigarettes can change like cocktails

China is the largest cigarette market in the world. After China's accession to the WTO, although foreign cigarettes will not be enough to change the existing domestic tobacco pattern within three to five years, these years are an important period for the reshuffle of the domestic tobacco market and the relocation of the industry. The fierce competition between domestic cigarettes and foreign cigarettes for the retail terminal market has also begun. In order to share the market share as much as possible to retain the brand, domestic cigarette factories have shown their magic power in advertising, packaging, communication and other aspects, constantly bringing forth the new. As a result, the domestic cigarette label packaging market has also witnessed an unprecedented prosperity. The domestic cigarette label packaging has even far exceeded the packaging level of some international brands. The domestic cigarette label packaging has created a historical precedent for the world packaging. Gold card, silver card, laser card and frosting, as well as the most advanced technologies in the world packaging industry (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have been frequently appeared and used in domestic cigarette packs

domestic tobacco brands, advertising and packaging:

at present, there are a wide range of tobacco brands. The brand connotation and cultural heritage span and meet the consumers with different tastes at all levels, and the price vertically covers the people with consumption ability at different levels; Different advertising images show different consumers' individual preferences. With the use of new materials and technologies, cigarette label packaging design has pushed the needs of different aesthetic concepts to the peak, from exquisite to gorgeous, from small to grand, from modern to wild, from traditional to alternative. The packaging specifications of filter tip cigarettes are traditional and lengthened; There are also many colors, the most common one is yellow. Occasionally, white, blue, red, black, coffee and so on will pop up. It seems that you have thought about everything you can think of with high precision, and you have done everything you can

with the launch and implementation of the Convention on tobacco control, warnings will account for more than 30% of the area of cigarette box packaging, advertising will be completely banned, promotion and all kinds of sponsorship will be completely banned, and a series of disguised advertisements will also be banned. In this way, how to spread the tobacco brand. This is not only the pursuit of human health, but also the contradiction between packaging materials and consumer aesthetics, but also a severe test of the new concept of communication

at present, the outer packaging of tobacco has basically reached a considerable height. New materials, new equipment, new processes, new designs and anti-counterfeiting measures are developing rapidly. These measures have indeed played a positive role in leading consumers, but they have also attracted criticism due to excessive use of resources and problems in environmental protection. What is the real communication channel with consumers

cigarettes directly communicate with consumers between lips and teeth and between lips and fingers. At present, cigarette packaging can be regarded as a big surprise. Cigarette packaging is still a uniform horizontal or vertical white tipping paper. Therefore, the author thinks that whoever can make an article on the characteristic cigarettes will surely win by surprise

in fact, there are many reasons and motives for smoking, but they can be summarized into the following three types

the first kind of people smoke to relax themselves I hope to relieve stress by smoking

the second kind of people smoke in order to express themselves and realize themselves, which is the leading factor of the young smoking group in the new generation

the third type of smoking is social type

in terms of the overall situation of smoking groups, self-expression and self realization consumers choose more brand cigarettes and concept cigarettes to express themselves when smoking, and choose more brand cigarettes that are consistent with their own values. This group of consumers is younger and has a trend of continuous growth, and will become the backbone of tobacco consumption in the future. The cigarettes selected by social consumers are generally brand cigarettes, purely for social needs. But now the situation is that smoking is becoming less and less popular in social occasions. Pressure relief consumers pay more attention to the taste when choosing cigarettes. As long as the cigarettes that are suitable for their own taste are within the scope of their own economy, they will choose

it can be seen from the above that the main consumer group of tobacco is expanding towards the new generation and youth, and the consumption purpose is developing towards self-expression and self realization. Therefore, in terms of characteristic cigarette packaging, we should aim at the personality characteristics of this kind of consumer groups to meet their consumption needs

as an integral part of brand visual image communication, featured cigarette packaging shows consumers' individual characteristics of self-expression and self realization, and its means of expression can be shown in the following aspects:

I. color

different color preferences highlight people with different personalities, tastes and ideas, impress consumers with depth and connotation with thick colors, and cater to publicity with light colors Passionate consumers, etc. In addition, with the assistance and deployment of the intermediate color, a variety of different styles of cigarettes are introduced, and matched with matching filters and packaging

II. Texture

at present, the brand cultural connotation of tobacco is roughly divided into two months: wild, rough and masculine; Passion, freshness, sports and sunshine; Wisdom, tolerance and inaction; Elegant, lofty and tranquil. Different texture cigarette packages are designed according to different brand connotations to increase the brand communication

for example, the texture is designed into a staff, which gives people a sense of movement. It is suitable for young, energetic, passionate and sunny brands. Like bamboo leaves, it gives people a fresh and natural feeling; Like a waterfall, it gives people the association of flowing water, moisture and poetry; Like an iceberg, it gives people a hard, mature and self feeling; Like the vein of smoke leaves, it gives people a deep, wise and mellow feeling

for another example, the packaging design of red dragon and golden dragon is based on the idea that two dragons play with beads. Cigarettes and filter tips print two dragons. Is the burning cigarette end not a dragon ball? Advertising language can also be used as a texture to enhance brand communication, poetry as a texture to increase cultural sense, etc

III. methods of color transition

the same cigarette can introduce different changes in color transition, and can show people's different personalities. It only takes 8 seconds to see the sample gap for one processing to wait for different angles and depths of things, different changes in emotions, different experiences of love, and different ways to achieve business...

characteristic cigarettes can make object deformation similar to the shape of cigarettes. For example, it can be made into pens, French fries, bamboo, or even lipstick, firecrackers, syringes, fingers, etc. to meet the unique and cool personality characteristics of postmodern young people

IV. different pull ranges of a bag of diverse

since smokers are for self realization, smoking itself cannot be separated from life, and the five colors are the true colors of life. Therefore, cigarettes can also be made into colorful characteristic cigarettes with endless aftertaste, such as skip candy, strange flavor beans and cocktails. The same pack of cigarettes can even launch different color styles, taste styles, modeling styles, etc., forming a series of style cigarettes. Even the same cigarette can be blended with different flavor styles and color styles of cocktail cigarettes

with the comprehensive launch and implementation of the Convention on tobacco control, the comprehensive blockade of the communication channels of tobacco brands, and the large-scale use of warning slogans, it is believed that in the near future, the characteristic cigarette packaging will inevitably become an extremely important way for the communication of tobacco brands

source: China Packaging News

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