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Cisco plus summit in Greater China held in Wuhan

Cisco plus summit in Greater China held in Wuhan

-- Cisco brings leading technology to expand industrial innovation and development with customers and partners in Central China

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ctiforum November 23 news (Jia Er): November 22, the theme is cloud potential, The Cisco plus summit Wuhan station of Cisco Greater China leading the change was successfully held in Wuhan Wanda Westin Hotel

cisco plus is the flagship activity of Cisco worldwide. The Cisco plus Wuhan station is an important platform for Cisco China to exchange experience with peers in industry and academia, share global IT industry development trends with customers and partners, and promote the development of local information industry after Beijing station and Guangzhou station. At the summit, Cisco shared with customers, partners and it elites from central China, such as Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi and Henan, advanced concepts and technologies in the fields of cloud computing and cloud services, cloud ecosystem, and byod. In addition, Cisco, industry experts and guests also had in-depth discussions on hot topics such as it development wave and it industry trends under the general trend of industrial innovation in the 12th Five year plan through sub forums and discussions on several topics

Cisco plus summit in Greater China Wuhan station

Cisco has always paid close attention to the development process of information and communication technology in Central China, and is committed to promoting the value innovation of enterprises, industries and society by providing intelligent communication and cooperation platforms, so as to help form the impact appearance more efficiently. This is usually caused by buffer failure to help local enterprises cope with the development and change of the market. In recent years, Cisco has successively started the central China customer experience center with a number of partners. By cooperating with comprehensive partner support services and a series of important measures, the central China customer experience center combines Cisco's leading technical advantages with the partner's regional market competitiveness. In 1880, it applied for a patent to perfectly combine the experimental machine. While expanding the local market business of both sides, Better provide customers with integrated network solutions and service support with high fit, and constantly share innovative technologies and best practices with local customers and partners

demo exhibition area of Cisco plus summit in Greater China Wuhan station

at the same time, as Cisco's largest and longest lasting corporate social project, Cisco Network Institute of technology has had 10000 colleges in 165 countries since it was launched globally in 1997, and nearly 4million students have participated in the project so far. So far, Cisco has set up nearly 400 networking technology colleges in China, providing training for nearly 200000 students and providing students with opportunities to contact the latest networking technologies. As part of the strategy to help the development of China's emerging regional markets, Cisco Institute of technology has attached great importance to the investment in central and Western China from the very beginning. As one of the key development areas, central China has established 78 Cisco technology colleges, including 9 in Hubei, 10 in Hunan, 7 in Jiangxi, 8 in Anhui, 12 in Shanxi and 32 in Henan

Mr. He Da, senior vice president of Cisco China, delivered a speech

Mr. He Da, senior vice president of Cisco China, said: today, as a platform, network has become an indispensable part of court communication for business, education, government and family time: May 20, 2015 (2) 3. Cisco's interconnection technology is the foundation of these networks. Cisco has been doing business in China for nearly 20 years, and will continue to focus on the Chinese market and seek common development with China. Cisco has 20 sales offices and 5000 employees in Greater China. Cisco has always been committed to combining global innovative technologies with the characteristics of China's industrial development. We hope that through this Cisco plus Wuhan summit, we will work with customers and partners to actively support the development of IOT and cloud computing in China and further enhance the driving role of the new network platform. Cisco's development in China for many years can not be separated from the full support of partners and customers. We are willing to bring more value to China and central China

Mr. chenzhuozi, vice president of Cisco China, delivered a speech

Mr. chenzhuozi, vice president of Cisco China, said that it has always been an important strategic goal of Cisco to build an excellent cooperation ecosystem with enterprises and partners in Central China such as Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanxi and Henan. As the engine of value innovation in China's economy, the information and communication industry in Central China has maintained rapid development for many years. With the help of this summit, we hope to share Cisco's advanced concepts and technological innovations in cloud computing, byod and other fields with customers and partners in Central China; At the same time, with the help of its own advantages, it helps partners and customers create business value together, and with partners in Central China, it further deepens the concept of regional market development, helps regional economic development and undertakes corporate social responsibility through deep cultivation and cooperation; By providing more customized solutions suitable for the needs of Chinese users for key industries such as education and medical treatment, it will boost the industrial transformation in China, especially in Central China, and promote the sustainable development of society and economy

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