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CIO: relatively pessimistic people can obtain more accurate data

when calculating the success rate of a simple experiment, relatively pessimistic people can obtain more accurate data than optimists

Diana Ott, the current operation manager, once worked under a super optimist. Even if there are four crises at work every day, her boss will always say "it's all right"

but Ott was hanging all the time. He said: "As a human brain, she fought alone. She said that in the end, all the results were fairly good, because it was up to others to deal with the problems.

as often pointed out in the management manual, optimists can promote employees to achieve extraordinary achievements. However, those who are blindly optimistic are boring, exhausting, and sometimes driving people crazy, because they can avoid too much. Optimists believe that Has been devolving power; Their colleagues believe that this is a denial of the unpleasant reality. Optimists provide opportunities; Their colleagues were accused of causing trouble. Optimists believe that great things can be achieved with very few resources; Their colleagues affirmed that the less resources, the less achievements. Common graphite materials can be seen as layers of graphene

art Amsterdam is the CEO of a manufacturing company. When talking about employees, he said that employees are likely to be sent to do useless work, but it may not be the work, but the person sent has a problem

what's worse (naturally for pessimists) is that the research results support optimists. Optimists' biological stress system will not keep a high alert all the time, so it will not damage the immune system and let chronic diseases take advantage of it

people do not fully realize the benefits of pessimists' doubt. Dward Chang, associate professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, said that the research shows that when calculating the success rate of a simple experiment, compared with optimists, relatively pessimists can obtain more accurate data, while optimists will count fewer failures and more successes. Moreover, there is evidence that pessimism can give people great motivation

for people who are extremely blindly optimistic, even planning occasionally seems like a negative move. Robert mcburnett is currently the chief financial officer. In a company where he used to work, all business opportunities have to be transferred among the leaders of various departments, and they have repeatedly weighed the pros and cons. Then a determined optimist bought the company. Mcburnett said that all concerns would be met by the boss and rejected because there was no warning: "Why are you so negative?" So that they have to solve various problems in the implementation of the project. (end)

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