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System construction is the long-term development policy of green low-carbon printing technology

the realization of green low-carbon printing technology lies not only in the technical conditions, but also the fundamental guarantee for the long-term development of green low-carbon printing technology. The enterprise green uses a square level with a precision of 0.05/1000 to align respectively; The preliminary alignment of the main body can be carried out in two different positions vertically and horizontally on the two columns. The connotation depth of low-carbon color is determined by the extent to which the enterprise effectively implements the promotion and implementation of green low-carbon. Green printing is by no means a single project in the process of enterprise operation, nor a temporary project, but a basic and long-term work for the long-term development of the enterprise itself, which involves all aspects of the operation of printing enterprises, It needs to be established and improved from the perspective of system

first, take green and low carbon as the long-term development policy of enterprises. Enterprises should integrate green and low-carbon into their strategic planning, formulate green and low-carbon industrial policies, service policies and cultural policies according to their own business development needs, set enterprise green and low-carbon goals, and set long-term, medium-term and short-term tasks and action plans around these policies and goals. Enterprises should also regularly check the implementation of policies and the achievement of goals to ensure the effective implementation of green and low-carbon policies

second, introduce the international environmental management system to innovate the level of environmental management. Enterprises can optimize their green and low-carbon operation model with the help of foreign advanced system management mode. Common international environmental systems such as ISO14001 environmental management system, FSC forest management system - production and marketing chain of custody certification, QC080000 hazardous substance process management, iso14064 enterprise greenhouse gas inventory system, product carbon inventory system pas2050 and the latest iso50001 energy management system, through the introduction of the system, enterprises can systematically establish management systems in different environmental protection areas, Further improve the international management level of green and low-carbon enterprises, and create a good environment for the continuous improvement of green and low-carbon technology according to different samples and experimental power

third, establish an exclusive agency to manage green and low-carbon issues. To establish a green and low-carbon long-term operation mode of enterprises, the effective implementation of policies and the long-term implementation of systems require an exclusive institution to promote and work with other departments to vigorously promote the tightening of enterprise start-up time management, so as to ensure the practical implementation of various systems, and regularly check the implementation and implementation of policies, so as to provide advice for the green and low-carbon operation policy and action plan of enterprises. This organization needs to be equipped with personnel with enterprise management knowledge, printing professional knowledge and environmental protection knowledge. Through the systematic management of professionals, it can comprehensively promote the development of green and low-carbon enterprises in different operating links and fields

fourth, create a green and low-carbon information base for enterprises. This information base includes the carbon emission database of enterprise products and the green low-carbon standard base. Among them, the green low-carbon standard should include the green low-carbon standard of raw and auxiliary materials, the green low-carbon standard of products, the green low-carbon standard of services, the green low-carbon standard of processes and the green low-carbon standard of production management. The product carbon emission database lays the foundation for the carbon accounting of future products, and the establishment of green low-carbon standards provides strong evidence for enterprises to create green low-carbon enterprises, and also provides evaluation indicators for enterprises to implement green low-carbon policies

fifth, create a green and low-carbon cultural atmosphere for all employees of the enterprise. The enterprise integrates green and low-carbon as the core culture of the enterprise into the daily work and life of every employee, so that all "Ueda Yingzhi said that employees can participate in the construction of green and low-carbon of the enterprise autonomously and consciously. There are three conventional methods: the first is a one-way method, such as internal training, broadcasting, posting posters, etc; The second is an interactive method, which can enhance employees' awareness and participation in green and low carbon through holding environmental lectures, environmental knowledge competitions, environmental skills competitions and tree planting activities; The third is the incentive method, that is, by establishing a green and low-carbon incentive system, employees who have made significant contributions to material research and development, product research and development, energy conservation and emission reduction transformation, cost savings and scientific research projects in the process of implementing and implementing green and low-carbon construction will be given certain spiritual and material rewards, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of enterprise employees to participate in green and low-carbon construction

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