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The system controls the length of chips

in the exhibition hall of burgmaier products located in laupheim, the chip bucket on site no longer works. After adopting the system technology of Knoll machine tool manufacturing company, the formed chips and coolant are sucked out of the exhibition hall through the pipe system, and then KSS separation and cleaning work are carried out intensively

burgmaier Metal Technology Co., Ltd. of allmendingen has been developing precision turning parts for mass production since its establishment in 1931. Burgmaier high tech subsidiary, located in laupheim, established in 2004, also has the same quality level of production technology. Worldwide, it is one of the first enterprises to produce precision turning parts. It has always maintained a high level of productivity and continuously improved and optimized the production process

Laupheim's factory was first equipped with 16 modern lathes. In order to maintain a high level of production capacity as much as possible, the person in charge of the company innovated the machine tools from the inside to the outside. The chip bucket and similar collection containers disappeared from the hall

cutting device (applicable to long chips) is a new product specially developed by Knoll company for crushing chips. It has front and rear cutting devices. This design has no definition requirements for the chip shape of the feeding, cutting and wind-driven air separation system, but the required chips are sent out

the factory director described such an update scheme: the factory needs a clean and tidy production environment, and a separate space is set up here for chip removal and coolant cleaning

this concept has been verified in burgmaier's subsidiary for five years. Chip removal and KSS separation are fully automatic and will not become a burden for manufacturers

through the pipe system installed on the top of the hall, the chips are sent to the nearby discharge room

the system solution has been verified not only in the French factory, but also in the joint work with Knoll machine tool. As early as 1999, burgmaier applied Knoll's expertise in chip removal, filtration and pumping, but at that time it had to purchase a number of parts

the end of the pipe is connected to the impact pot that consumes pump energy, followed by the separation of KSS and chips

about a year ago, Knoll designed a flexible loose material transmission system, which makes it a system provider. The application of new technology made the system efficiency confirmed by burgmaier, and soon sent orders to Knoll company. According to the person in charge of burgmaier equipment project of Knoll company, in general, each of the 16 machine tools is equipped with a chip conveyor belt and a pump station, which can mix the chips with the bearing medium, and use a pump suitable for chip transmission to transport the chips to an independent space through a pipe. Under the condition of 300kg/h full load flow, all cuttings are first sent to the impact pot that consumes pump energy, then sent from the preselector to the centrifuge through the scraper conveyor for drying, and finally sent to two truck containers by the distribution conveyor

the KSS treated in Knoll equipment is sent back to the machine tool, and the separated chips are collected in the truck container.

the bearing medium is pumped into the original filtration equipment by the preselector for detailed cleaning treatment, and then pumped to the machine tool and pump station. Each machine tool is equipped with filtering equipment for internal circulating coolant. In order to reduce the amount of fine particles on the machine tool, the filter center sprays the clean bearing medium into the circulating circuit of the machine tool through the bypass pipe. With this jet flow mode, the medium loss in the machine tool can be balanced, and it is no longer necessary to supplement the medium manually. The excess medium is sent to the pump station (including fine particles), used as the carrier medium of chips, and sent back through the pipeline

the success of such large projects lies in many aspects. For example, each pump station (chip discharge) of Knoll company is applicable to different machine tools. The basic device connecting the cutting device of the pump station or the separated screw conveyor is built according to the unified box structure system. According to the length and type of chips, cutting device or separate screw conveyor can be selected

when long chips appear in rotary turning, they are cut into a shape suitable for conveying through the cutting device

the cutting device for long chips

the cutting device (suitable for long chips) is a product specially developed by Knoll company for crushing chips, which has front and rear cutting devices. This design has no definition requirements for the shape of the chips fed, cut and air separation system, but the required chips are sent out. Another function of the unmanned cutting device in the case of chip transportation is the full-automatic separation of large objects

separation of large objects

when large objects such as rod-shaped materials, structural parts or broken knives enter the crusher, the machine tool can be identified by the blocking function of the measuring device. The discharge hole opens automatically to send the bulky objects into a separate container. After a cleaning cycle, the discharge hole is closed and the powder circulation process of long chips continues. In this case, the chip crushing operation is interrupted for a short time and automatically resumes operation

it is necessary to discharge bulky objects in burgmaier workshop. On the automatic bar lathe, there is always the beginning or end of the material mixed in the chips. If they cannot be separated reliably, great mechanical damage will be caused

flow transmission of chips

even in the pump station without crusher, the separated screw conveyor can be selected to discharge interfering objects. The coarse objects and long chips are retained in the screener and sent to a separate container. The separate screw conveyor is installed on the machine tool, so 99% of the chips can be pumped away. In the pump station, the pen is lifted, and the short chips are mixed with the bearing medium to flow, and are pumped out by the pump through the pipe extruder as a critical processing equipment channel

flexible solution each pump station is equipped with a single pipe leading to the filtration device, which makes it possible to install devices that separate different kinds of materials by adopting the method specified in the current national and industrial standards (such as steel/aluminum...)

the transmission pipes installed on the top of the production workshop are integrated together and go to the discharge room in the same direction. The multi-layer pipeline layout design enables the machine tools in the workshop to be connected at any position. Therefore, the placement of machine tools has great flexibility. The production process has not been completely improved. The ordered machine tool is manually connected to the central discharge and KSS cleaning system, and the required parameters are adjusted in place. It is expected that all machine tools will be equipped with emission devices by the beginning of next year, which will further improve production and move towards standard production. (end)

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