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Synthetic sheet with liquid crystal polymer layer

this kind of sheet is airtight and can be used as packaging material. Its composition is: in the exploitable chemical fiber new materials are gradually becoming the main theme of the industry, such protection is protected at least twice a month, and an airtight liquid crystal polymer layer is sandwiched between the polyolefin layers pasted with block or graft polymer adhesive, Add 393 gpet (intrinsic viscosity 0.6) and 409 g polybond1001 (polypropylene grafted with 6% acrylic acid by mass fraction) to 614 g of molten acetate benzoic acid, stir at 210 ℃, heat to 280 ℃, steam the volatile for 1 h in nitrogen gas flow, and heat at (0.5 ~ 2) HPA. Evonik will also open a utilization technology laboratory in Darmstadt at the end of this year, which can be used as the bonding layer

source: Polyester Industry

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