The hottest synthetic paper era is coming

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The era of synthetic paper is coming.

the United States has become a major producer of synthetic paper, and its use has increased sharply, especially in the field of commercial printing

brushes, which has reached about 30000 tons

the production method of synthetic paper is similar to that of ordinary paper at the same time. In an extension device, plastic is extruded to the mobile line. No wonder some people say that the difference is that synthetic paper does not need water. The main component of synthetic paper is polypropylene

or polyethylene. Because there is a coating composed of clay and adhesive on the surface, it is several times more expensive than ordinary

paper. In order to ensure profits, there should be no mistake in production

almost all inks that can be used with synthetic paper are oxidation crosslinking inks. Manufacturers generally recommend using inks with viscosity above 16. The drying time of synthetic paper after printing will vary depending on the coating layer on the product surface, fabric texture, ink coverage and other factors. This is the modeling composite part of the manipulator with loose structure designed by NASA engineers. Although the printed matter can be dried in 1~2

hours, the effect will be better if it can be kept overnight. When synthetic paper is used for inkjet

printing, the printer should consult the manufacturer about the special points of the product. Such as light resistance, heat resistance, alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, detergent resistance and other drug resistance. Basically, synthetic paper can rapidly expand the capacity of lithium-ion cathode materials for food packaging, but if it is used for the packaging of fruit and vegetable drinks, it should be investigated in advance to see if there will be acid reaction

synthetic paper used in laser printing is a future topic, because dry color powder fixing requires a considerable high temperature, which will cause the synthetic paper to shrink, or roll up to change the size of the paper. The worst

is the adhesive structure that will decompose the paper. Now, if the new copier and printer can be equipped with the fusing roller with the function of adjusting the temperature, these problems can be solved

Another problem with synthetic paper is static electricity. Unprocessed plastic paper base will bring static electricity to things near it. Therefore, even after printing, static electricity accumulated on the film base will often cause problems during post-processing. Therefore, coating a layer of clay on the surface of synthetic paper is essential to prevent double sheets from entering during post-processing such as printing,

folding, cutting, etc. Synthetic paper is often used when environmental requirements are high. However, among the additives added to its coating layer, fluorescent whitening agents are easy to crack under direct sunlight, so almost all synthetic paper used outdoors is milky white or gray white

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