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Synthetic rubber high-efficiency rare earth catalyst won the first prize of Jilin invention

Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the research and development and industrial application of new high-efficiency rare earth catalyst system for synthetic rubber 5 It's best to have a series of achievements in the delivery and installation of residual samples, which recently won the first prize of the 2014 Jilin Provincial Technological Invention Award

the highly active rare earth catalytic system invented by this achievement has been applied to the 10000 ton rare earth isoprene rubber industrial device. The catalyst cost per ton of isoprene rubber products has been reduced to less than 400 yuan, the polymerization time has been shortened from an average of 7 hours to 2.5 hours, the product quality has reached the best level of its kind at home and abroad, and the 100% substitution of rare earth isoprene rubber for natural rubber has been realized for the first time on the all steel radial truck tire; Applied to the 10000 ton rare earth cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber industrial plant, the cost of the main catalyst per ton of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber products has been reduced to less than 300 yuan, which greatly reduces the production cost, improves the production efficiency, and the product quality has reached the same level at home and abroad. The industrialization development of rare earth isoprene rubber, which replaces natural rubber, and rare earth CIS polybutadiene rubber, which meets the requirements of safe, energy-saving and green tires, can be greatly accelerated

it is reported that in the 1960s, Changchun Institute of applied chemistry first carried out the research on rare earth catalyzed synthetic rubber. However, a series of problems, such as low polymerization activity, poor controllability of chain structure, microstructure, relative molecular weight and distribution of synthetic rubber, have not been well solved in the world. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank drives the high-pressure oil pump into the oil circuit through the electromechanical

starting with the characteristics of rare earth elements and the basic theory of rare earth catalytic synthetic rubber, the scientific and technological personnel of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry solved the problems of high association of rare earth catalysts, proposed a new microstructure formation mechanism of coordination polymerized synthetic rubber, and invented the coordination reversible chain transfer polymerization method, which is no exception to the bellows ring stiffness testing machine. The original and systematic research results have been obtained in the aspects of high activity, high stereoorientation, and controllability of relative molecular weight and its distribution of rare earth catalytic system

the project team has developed a rare earth catalytic system with high activity, high CIS directivity and high homogeneous stability. It is proposed for the first time that the high association of rare earth compounds is the primary factor for the low polymerization activity and wide molecular weight distribution of rare earth catalysts, and the association molecular clusters of rare earth catalysts are transformed into single molecular catalysts through ligands with specific structures. A "homogenized" rare earth catalyst with high activity, high CIS directivity and high homogeneous stability has been successfully developed, which improves the utilization rate of rare earth, and the microstructure of polymers The relative molecular weight and its distribution are controllable

they also proposed the theory and method of coordination reversible chain transfer polymerization of synthetic rubber, which changed the chain transfer reaction in the traditional coordination polymerization of synthetic rubber from irreversible to reversible, avoided the termination reaction caused by chain transfer, improved the utilization rate of rare earth elements, changed the polymerization reaction from uncontrollable to controllable, and made the preparation of synthetic rubber with narrow molecular mass distribution and the functionalization of its chain end a reality

using the new rare earth catalytic system and coordination chain transfer polymerization technology, combined with the core key technologies such as efficient polymerization process, coagulation and post-treatment technology and processing technology designed by the project team, the main catalyst consumption of 10000 ton isoprene rubber is only 0.18 kg/ton of product. In the 10000 ton butadiene polymerization process, the main catalyst consumption even reaches 0.056 kg/ton of product, far higher than the international highest level, It greatly reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency

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