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The synthetic resin industry plans for the "14th five year plan" development plan

the synthetic resin industry plans for the "14th five year plan" development plan

April 23, 2021

on April 22, China chemical industry news learned from the "14th five year plan" development seminar of China's synthetic resin industry and the Sixth Council meeting of the sixth session of the association held in Pucheng, Shaanxi Province, The "14th five year plan" of the synthetic resin industry will vigorously implement scientific and technological innovation and structural adjustment, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the synthetic resin industry from big to strong, and realize the high-quality development of the industry

Zhao Jungui, vice president and Secretary General of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, said that at present, China's self-sufficiency rate of new chemical materials is not high, the self-sufficiency rate of high-end products in the synthetic resin industry is low, and it is heavily dependent on imports. There are bottlenecks such as structural overcapacity, immature core technology, and product quality difficult to meet high-end demand. The phenomenon of "neck binding" is relatively prominent, and the whole industrial chain of synthetic resin urgently needs to be broken through

Zhao Jungui said that we should fully understand the development characteristics of China's petroleum and chemical industry and the changes faced by the internal and external environment of industry development during the "14th five year plan", develop high-end products according to market demand, overcome a number of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights and occupying the commanding heights of the industry, cultivate a number of enterprise groups with international competitive advantages, and promote the synthetic resin industry from big to strong coatings

"adhering to innovation driven and green development are the two basic strategies for the development of the industry in the 14th five year plan. We will encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment, promote enterprises to improve their technological innovation capabilities, promote the deep integration of industry, University and research, and support enterprises to take the lead in the formation of innovation consortia." Zheng long, President of China synthetic resin Association, told that the products to be developed in the "14th five year plan" include polyolefin varieties with high technical content and large domestic gap, bio based nylon, elastic nylon (tpae), semi aromatic nylon, as well as copolymerized polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide (PPO) resin, ABS resin, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin, special engineering plastics and special fibers, biodegradable resin, etc, Meet the growing demand of emerging markets, and give full play to some green building materials. 1. Arc synchronous gear belt accelerates the pace of development, and uses the performance advantages of plastic to serve mankind

according to the introduction, the scale and technology of China's synthetic resin industry have made continuous progress, forming a relatively complete industrial chain, the comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, and the adjustment of product structure has achieved initial results. At present, China's synthetic resin production capacity accounts for 37.6% of the global total. In 2020, the output of synthetic resin is expected to reach 79.38 million tons, and the consumption is expected to be 104.57 million tons, an increase of 6.05% year-on-year. During the "13th five year plan" period, China's synthetic resin industry chain has been continuously extended, and the self-sufficiency rate has increased significantly, from partial dependence on imports to the vast majority of localization, and some products have reached the international advanced level. Especially with the rapid development of modern coal chemical industry, the diversification of synthetic resin raw materials has been realized. Synthetic resin products are gradually developing from low-end to medium and high-end, and general-purpose resins are developing to special resins

"nevertheless, the structural surplus of synthetic resin is obvious, the product structure is not reasonable, the traditional products are relatively saturated, the general-purpose products have excess capacity, high-performance and high value-added products still need to be imported, and the degree of external dependence remains high. At the same time, the industrial development is uneven, the home appliance market at home and abroad is expanding rapidly, and the technological innovation ability is not strong." Zheng Long said that during the "14th five year plan" period, the synthetic resin industry should focus on industrial upgrading and high-quality development, focus on adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, adhere to reform and innovation and quality upgrading, and constantly improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. We will implement scientific and technological innovation and structural adjustment, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively develop new materials such as high-end resins, biodegradable resins and functional special resins, so as to provide support and guarantee for strategic emerging industries, national major engineering construction and national defense science and technology industry. By 2025, we will establish an industrial system with strong independent innovation capability and close integration of sustainable development, industry, University, research and application

at the meeting, Li Junzheng, vice mayor of Weinan City, delivered a passionate speech. Bai Jinfu, Dean of the Institute of digital economy at Beijing University of technology and industry, shared the "14th five year plan" innovation strategy and industrial development layout, and believed that we should rise to the height of the industrial revolution to understand the development of the material industry, establish the strategy of strengthening the country with materials, and comprehensively promote the material revolution

Xiao Jinsong, director of the Institute of material industry of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, interpreted the development priorities and policy trends of the national "14th five year plan" new material industry, analyzed the situation faced by China's new material industry, and proposed that the development priorities of China's new material industry are to solve the problem of choking materials, supply chain and industrial chain security, attach importance to the construction of innovation system, promote the combination of production and use, and attach importance to industrial resource sharing

in recent years, Weinan has made every effort to promote the strategy of strengthening the city through industry, implemented the industrial doubling plan, built a new material and fine chemical industry base, and vigorously developed the synthetic resin industry. Wang Lei, director of Weinan Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Zhang Yifeng, head of Pucheng County, and Cheng Jianwu, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Pucheng high tech Zone, respectively made special presentations, and representatives of local enterprises Pu Jieneng and Lanxiao technology company made exchange speeches

the symposium, with the theme of "sharing opportunities and coming to Weinan together with PU and Wei", was hosted by Weinan Municipal People's government and China synthetic resin Association, and carried out the activity of "hundreds of enterprises, thousands of items and 10000 people entering Weinan". More than 200 representatives from domestic synthetic resin enterprises attended the conference. The delegates also inspected Pucheng high tech Zone, pujieneng chemical and Lanxiao technology company

at the sixth session of the Sixth Council of the sixth session of the China synthetic resin Association held on the evening of the 21st, the participants summarized the work summary of 2020 and determined the work plan for 2021; Solicit opinions on the "14th five year plan" development plan of synthetic resin industry; Study and discuss the modification and application of plastics, biodegradable resins, special engineering plastics and other sub committees, and the preparatory work for the reorganization and establishment

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