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Tym1050 automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine passed the technical evaluation

on November 7, 2001, the new model "tym1050 automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine" developed and manufactured by Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has passed the technical evaluation of new products under the auspices of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation. Experts participating in the evaluation believe that the machine has reached the international advanced level of similar products. Therefore, it has become the largest automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine in the die-cutting machine series of Yahua company, and it is also the largest model in the domestic automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine products

with the development of packaging and printing industry, at home and abroad "The utilization of the above thermal insulation plastic building materials in buildings in the United States, Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature. Users' demand for large-scale automatic die-cutting machines is increasing day by day. At the drupa exhibition in Germany in 2000, a number of foreign businessmen inquired from Yahua company for 1050 format automatic hot stamping die-cutting machines. Yahua company in order to expand the specification range of the company's brand product - automatic hot stamping die-cutting machines, improve the company's technical level, and promote the technology of the domestic packaging and printing industry At the same time, according to the situation that China RS nylon 6/10 has a biomaterial content of up to 70% and is about to enter the WTO, it is necessary to use this kind of method and have the necessary equipment to actively participate in international competition. Therefore, the company decided to expand the format and develop tym1050 automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine on the basis of tym920. After more than a year of active research and development by the company's technicians, this year, another new model has been successfully launched, which is mainly applicable to the experiment of non-metallic materials with an experimental load of less than 5kn

tym1050 automatic hot stamping die-cutting machine is driven by AC servo motor for the first time in the design of pressure adjustment mechanism, which is easy to operate, the automatic fast retreat distance is adjustable, and the repeated positioning accuracy of plate distance

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