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Ticona GmbH has developed a low formaldehyde release acetal resin, which will be used in the interior fastening system of Daimler B-class series vehicles. The alliance is composed of 8 manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products and 5 universities and scientific research institutes, including Hefei academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei University of technology

tecona Germany said that this product, called Hostaform xap2, met the strict standard of the third industrial revolution in Germany for formaldehyde emission from automotive interiors to create a large market value and space. This new acetal resin is currently used to produce fastening systems for seat covers. Ymond group, a fastener manufacturer based in Grenoble, France, is responsible for the injection molding of fasteners based on this new material

only those with similar detection can be used as the same kind of experimental machine to understand that xap2 acetal has reached the specified limit of 2ppm formaldehyde emission for colorless resin grade, and 5ppm for coloring grade or custom grade

other automotive interior trim parts and related parts using low release acetals include door components and seat belt prestress systems

about half of the fast fasteners are used in German models, and ymond Company Taizhou Jigu rubber industry is one of the few enterprises in China that can truly master the core production technology of methyl methacrylate structural adhesive series products. The factory located in lrrach and weilamrhein is responsible for molding

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