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Typhoon rage monitoring satellite helps typhoon monitoring

satellite remote sensing data has become effective data for typhoon disaster loss assessment because of its wide coverage, large imaging area and high time resolution

recently, typhoon "mangosteen" landed in Guangdong Province of China. At present, "mangosteen" is moving west by North at the speed of kilometers per hour, and its intensity has reached above level 17. It is expected to continue to strengthen in the future, or it will become the strongest typhoon this year. As early as more than 2000 years ago, China began to observe and study typhoons. There was a record of "eight winds" in "Lu's spring and autumn · youshilan". Because there were no meteorological instruments in ancient times, the relevant information of typhoons was mainly obtained according to the signs of celestial and physical phenomena

will directly affect the large deformation and elongation after fracture of the experiment. At this stage, China's typhoon prediction ability has reached the international level. Before the arrival of the typhoon, China's relevant departments can accurately obtain Typhoon Information and issue typhoon warnings, so as to avoid casualties and economic losses

government regulation allows people to spend typhoon days safely

recently, in view of the poor transaction of Typhoon "mangosteen", all departments in Guangdong Province have adopted a series of emergency plans to fundamentally ensure the normal life of the people in typhoon stricken areas. The Grain Bureau of Guangdong Province requires grain departments across the province to strengthen grain market monitoring, comprehensively grasp the market supply dynamics and grain inventory, and do a good job in safe production and safe grain storage. At present, the grain market in Guangdong Province is stable, the grain supply is abundant, and the grain emergency system is sound. At present, the system has been successfully used in Zhengxin group, shuangqian group, Sailun group, Jinyu tire and other companies, and the food reserves are sufficient to ensure consumption

in order to ensure the safety and order of the market during the period of wind and flood control, the Ministry of industry and Commerce of Guangdong Province has actively strengthened market supervision, prevented and handled market emergencies. We will strengthen the inspection of all market fairs, severely crack down on illegal operations such as bullying the market, hoarding and raising prices by taking advantage of the disaster, and focus on investigating and dealing with illegal acts that disrupt the market order, such as selling various "three noes" products and expired and deteriorated products in the name of flood control and disaster relief

monitoring satellites help typhoon monitoring

at present, China has built an integrated observation system consisting of 193 weather radars, more than 2500 national observation stations, more than 60000 automatic weather stations and Fengyun series satellites. Since 1988, China has successfully launched 16 Fengyun satellites. At present, 9 of them are in orbit. Among them, the most advanced Fengyun 4A satellite has been put into operation, opening information to the world and providing services to the region

for a long time, Fengyun satellite has provided important support for typhoon monitoring and prediction. Fy-4a satellite is equipped with four remote sensing instruments, including multi-channel scanning imaging radiometer, interferometric atmospheric vertical detector, lightning imager and space weather monitor, which can obtain the three-dimensional structure of large temperature and humidity and high spatial-temporal resolution images. The observation time resolution of the full disk image is 15 minutes, and the spatial resolution can reach 500 meters

in the past 30 years, China's numerical prediction model and its application technology have been developing continuously, the business platform has been upgraded continuously, the typhoon prediction business has made great progress, the typhoon prediction timeliness is getting longer and longer, the prediction accuracy and refinement are also getting higher and higher, and the prediction products are also getting richer and richer

typhoon monitoring technology has developed rapidly

in the past few decades, the China Meteorological Administration has actively carried out the research and development of the interpretation and fusion technology of typhoon objective forecast, broken through the technical bottleneck of landing typhoon refined forecast, and made significant progress in the intelligent application of typhoon track set members, multi-source data fusion technology and downscaling technology research. Among them, the analysis and prediction of typhoon gale radius, the interpretation technology of typhoon wind field, the quantitative analysis and application technology of rainstorm macro and micro physical process model fill the blank of typhoon storm fine prediction technology business in China, build a comprehensive platform for typhoon monitoring, prediction and early warning, and significantly improve the comprehensive decision-making ability of typhoon prediction in China

strengthening typhoon monitoring and forecasting is an important measure to reduce typhoon disasters. In the future, China should continue to improve the city's early warning system and emergency response mechanism. In the face of disasters, citizens should improve their emergency response ability and face disasters with a positive attitude. At the same time, I would like to remind you that the public should pay close attention to the weather forecast and travel suggestions issued by the meteorological department, strengthen the awareness of preventing disastrous weather, and be responsible for their lives and themselves

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