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Tycona launched a high-performance adhesive suitable for liquid crystal polymers

Florence, Kentucky (January 1, 2013). The use of low smoke, convenient and fast flame retardants by Ticona and German adhesive manufacturers will increase significantly. Delo has jointly developed a new adhesive technology, which can be used in small electronic products such as small parts

tycona is headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, USA. According to the company, this new adhesive can withstand a high temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) during the welding of printed circuit boards and other components

d-rockwell hardness tester ELO company in windach, Germany has invented a new adhesive suitable for Vectra liquid crystal polymer of tecona company, which can be adhered to ceramic plates after treatment

tecona said that Vectra liquid crystal can accurately measure the deformed molecular polymer of pipes, which is very suitable for small parts because of its high fluidity, low warpage and inherent flame retardancy

Monika taut of the market development department of tycona said, "the characteristics of Vectra liquid crystal polymer make it possible to further miniaturize the development of electronic equipment."

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