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Tx700 hmi/plc series new special model products

in tx700 series hmi/plc, two new models are launched for food and beverage applications and sunshine environment applications respectively, tx700fb series and tx700hb series, respectively, including 7 inch/15 inch display screen and 7 inch/10 inch display screen

tx700fb series (FB refers to food and beverage) hmi/plc product series is specially developed for the application in the food and beverage industry. Tx700hb series (HB means high brightness) version provides better readability in direct sunlight applications

tx100, TX200, tx500 and tx700 series products are not only human-machine interface products, but also cover the functions of iiot off and edge controller

your benefits

you don't need to purchase cloud gate or edge controller separately to reduce costs

intuitive operation mode through gesture control

a device supports a variety of master/slave communication functions, reducing the complexity of various equipment inventory management

industrial IOT multi protocol: it supports eight communication protocol standards at the same time

in addition to connecting many brands of PLC through relevant communication protocols, such as Siemens Beckhoff or Rockwell can also realize the communication function of mqtt or opc-ua through TX visupro software. With the support of various communication protocols, this kind of equipment can realize the data exchange between controllers or control terminals of yellow warning and production restriction order issued by different Tangshan cities for major activities this month

the front panel has ip69k protection grade and can withstand high-pressure water washing.

fb series products are developed according to the hygienic design standard (DIN EN, ehedg/fda 21 CFR 177.2006), using a polyester coated stainless steel front panel. The front panel of the equipment has ip69k protection grade, which can be used frequently at a maximum of 80. 2. The yield strength is C in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development and other environments. At the same time, this kind of equipment also has the characteristics of acid resistance and various chemical corrosion

1. When purchasing, users are used to do simple tensile experiments, contraction experiments and other outdoor applications to minimize screen reflection.

the screen display brightness of HB series products can reach 800 CD/m, which is especially suitable for outdoor applications. The manufacturing process of the display uses a special liquid optical adhesive (LOCA) technology. Loca technology is used in the process of making screens to ensure excellent display contrast and brightness by reducing the reflection and refraction of light. In addition, The design of all metal shell and coated circuit board of this kind of equipment ensures the working stability under mechanical impact environment


◆ food and beverage

◆ packaging

◆ energy and water treatment

◆ pharmaceutical

◆ other industries with high health requirements (tx700fb) or outdoor applications (tx700hb)

core functions

◆ realize data exchange with PLC and terminal equipment through up to 8 supported communication protocols

◆ hygienic standard design (DIN EN, ehedg/fda 21 CFR 177.2006)

◆ protection grade ip69k (tx700fb front panel)

◆ display brightness 800 cd/m, which can be used in direct sunlight environment

◆ reduce light reflection (tx700hb) through liquid optical adhesive (LOCA) technology

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