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Tycona innovative materials make Multigoal sports equipment more convenient and stronger

tycona high performance engineering plastics cooperates with American Gen move company to build a high-end brand and create a century old enterprise to develop a more convenient and stronger multi goal series sports equipment, which is suitable for teenagers of all ages

Gen move is located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Their multi goal product is a cylindrical ball frame with a unique shape, which can throw and score from all directions. This sporting goods not only increases players' self-confidence, but also applies to other game activities. The sleeve, column and a series of tentacles of the product are made of hostaformhs15pom of tecona, and Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. (APM) of the United States is responsible for injection molding

"tecona is our excellent material supplier. They helped Eastman's plastic medical equipment market development manager to successfully develop new multi goal products." Grant Scheffer, CEO of Gen move, said, "as a leading global supplier of high-performance materials, tecona cooperated with us to help us develop this kind of ball frame with the high-strength Hostaform HS15. This high-quality material can withstand long-term and frequent high-strength use."

"Hostaform HS15 is obtained through the improvement and modification of POM, and its performance is very suitable for sporting goods series, and multi goal is a perfect case," said Vincent notorgiacomo, American product manager of hostaform/celconpom. "During the cooperation, Hostaform HS15's high rigidity, high toughness and excellent resilience were highly praised by genmove, saying that it is the best material choice."

multi goal products can be used not only for physical exercise, but also for outdoor activities. Whether it's children, preschool children, or even middle school students, multi goal products are suitable for teenagers of all ages. It is also suitable for users who are disabled or disabled according to their actual needs

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