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The price of phthalic anhydride rises due to the two-way benefits of cost and demand. The average market price of phthalic anhydride increased from 10814.25 yuan per ton at the beginning of last week to 11171.43 yuan at the end of the week. The weekly increase was 3. For example, Vertu constellation series used more and more auto parts and began to adopt engineering plastics to replace a large number of leather in metal parts 3%。

the price rise of phthalic anhydride was mainly driven by the good market of upstream orthobenzene and the recovery of downstream plasticizer (DOP). At present, the overall market has improved significantly compared with the beginning of the month, and merchants are actively shipping. Coupled with limited social inventory, businesses have tried to sell at a higher price. Data show that phthalic anhydride prices are still rising in some regions. Among them, the quotation of Shandong lihuayi phthalic anhydride was raised from 11200 yuan per ton to 11300 yuan. Although the Baijiu plasticizer incident had a great impact on public opinion, it had little impact on the plasticizer Market. After all, there is no better alternative raw material at present, and plastic has been widely used. We must understand the mechanical properties and damage characteristics of materials when they are compressed through tightening experiments. The plasticizer of Baijiu event is mainly DBP, and the plasticizer that drives the phthalic anhydride market this time is DOP

affected by the market trend of raw material phthalic anhydride, it is expected that the phthalic anhydride market will continue to consolidate at a high level in the future

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