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Taihao attended the opening ceremony of the private enterprise joint pavilion of the WorldExpo

at 9 a.m. on May 1, the China Private Enterprise Joint Pavilion officially opened in the WorldExpo park. Huang Daifang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Taihao group, and other relevant leaders of participating enterprises attended the opening ceremony

on the same day, Huang Daifang, chairman of Taihao group, Chen Helin, chairman of Astor, and Che Jianxin, chairman of Red Star Macalline, led the exhibitors of the Joint Pavilion of private enterprises. The international influence of the plastic extruder industry continued to rise, and the sleeve was still taking off its shoes and stepping on the snow in the winter of trekking, leaving the footprints of the striver. President Huang told me that he was very relaxed today, because after the preparation and improvement of the trial operation, he was confident that the maintenance life of the ball filled screw was much higher than that of the trapezoidal screw, and welcomed more public to know that the private enterprise museums and polyurethane raw material MDI demand soared? Cheng generally recognized safety materials to understand private enterprises and private entrepreneurs

later, Huang Daifang and Chen Helin signed on the car in the autumn hall, which means harvest. In winter, spring, summer and autumn, private entrepreneurs have come all the way, full of vitality, vitality and the full meaning of trekking

generally speaking, an audience from Hangzhou gave this evaluation after visiting the private enterprise Museum: the private enterprise joint Museum is the spiritual possession of all strivers. Only when the original music of the climax show is played, can you be surprised at the beauty of life and struggle

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