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Giants speed up their quest for change, industrial Internet "upstarts" break through

everyone on the assembly line/is a rotating screw/puppet in the shadow play/can't help playing with absurd dances/turn pain to tears to fleeting years/but can't turn out the shadow of poverty and desolation

excerpt from Zhou Qizao's "I screw up on the flow line"

fifteen years ago, Shen Guohui (now the founder of mushroom IOT), who had just gone to Galanz at that time, was sent to the production line for internship. What he saw was the state of production line workers: a person working on the production line was less able to find a sense of existence, because the production line was very ruthless, people were like machines, all actions were under command, and seemed to have no soul

over the years, young people have really not entered factories. They are more willing to risk the sun and the wind to deliver takeout food than boring and step-by-step assembly line work. From this perspective, the vast industrial revolution is actually liberating mankind itself

if it rises to a higher level, China's industrial enterprises have also reached a critical period of improving quality and efficiency. The profit margin of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises has fallen from a high of 5% in 2010 to about 2% in recent years

the root cause behind this is that the road of extensive development in the past has become narrower and narrower

the breakthrough is to realize the upgrading of automation, informatization and intelligence. Industrial interconnection is the key to make these three upgrades superimpose in some fields and bring huge benefits, but this process may take a little longer than we expected

stir fry hot and eat cold

in the field of industrial interconnection, there is a very embarrassing phenomenon in the Chinese market at present: stir fry hot and eat cold

the hot side is the relevant national and local governments, relevant institutions and many industrial interconnection enterprises, which are enthusiastic and actively promoted; The cold side is industrial enterprises, which are generally not highly accepted and difficult to land

this aspect is related to the characteristics of industrial interconnection itself

unlike the short chain of consumer interconnection connecting the supply and demand sides, industrial interconnection is a long chain. What industrial interconnection needs to transform is the long chain hidden in the depths, in which there is room for efficiency improvement in every link. The process of coordination and transformation must be complex and long

in addition, industrial interconnection requires the deep integration of technology and industry know-how, and the entry barriers of each industry are very high, so it is difficult to enter the core process links of many industries

in fact, the complexity of industrial application environment is not only reflected in the different characteristics of different industries, but also reflected in the more complex industrial production environment and more interference factors. Even in the same industry, there are different difficulties in different enterprises, and different process production lines face different problems

on the other hand, before most small and medium-sized enterprises realize intellectualization, they still face many pain points in basic informatization, such as the lack of integration of industry and finance, the lack of interconnection and interoperability of data, island problems, and insufficient refinement of management and control. Industry insiders believe that these three points cannot be solved, and the phenomenon of industrial interconnection frying hot and eating cold will not disappear

people who can hear gunfire

unlike most of the business executives who are still waiting, some people who can hear gunfire are already rapidly seeking change

everything is being reconstructed, and the industry rules are also being reconstructed. Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, said in an interview a few days ago that he used to talk about the moat. Now I say absolutely, no enterprise has a moat. All advantages are dynamic and temporary. At the turning point of the great era, Midea must redefine itself and reconstruct itself at an accelerated pace

as a well deserved giant in the field of home appliances, Midea is still accelerating the reform at the peak, and the pace is even faster and faster

the situation is pressing! Fang Hongbo said that in the great changes of the times, Midea has fallen behind, so it is forced to constantly seek change. It is this strong sense of crisis that makes Fang Hongbo talk about change after becoming the helmsman of beauty, and repeatedly emphasize it at the annual operation and management meeting

at the beginning of 2020, following the three major strategies of product leadership, efficiency drive and global operation, Midea Group implemented a comprehensive digital and intelligent strategy, focusing on the Internet service platform and advanced manufacturing. With industrial robots as a breakthrough, it created an industrial interconnection platform for T and Midea cloud intelligence, which are the inspection points and operating procedures of rubber tensile testing machines shared by our technicians, It has become a powerful weapon to deal with the epidemic

according to Meimei, they have gone through the era of industrial interconnection 1.0, which is based on the ability and accumulation created by Meimei's nearly nine-year digital transformation, and has played a very key role in the rapid development of Meimei in the past. At the end of last year, Midea announced the t2.0 content framework and Midea's industrial Internet brand Meiqing, which opened the prelude to the era of Midea's industrial Internet 2.0

from the perspective of the main body that Midea industrial interconnection has enabled the manufacturing industry, in addition to Midea cloud smart data, ande Zhilian and KUKA China in the era of industrial interconnection 1.0, five to B business blocks have been added, including Hekang Xinneng, HVAC and building, Midea finance, Midea procurement center and Midea mold, specifically covering intelligent manufacturing, robotics and automation, intelligent logistics, core components, precision molds, centralized purchase services Finance and many other business types

in order to adapt to the future strategic direction of Midea, that is, the demand for continuous growth and the external dramatically changing environment, Midea has newly planned the overall business structure, which is adjusted from four business segments to five business segments: smart home business group, electromechanical business group, HVAC and building business group, robot and automation business group, digital innovation business, and correspondingly upgraded the strategic axis to technology leadership, user direct, digital intelligence driven Global breakthroughs

Midea has established a new digital innovation business with digitalization as a breakthrough, aiming to incubate new businesses in the transformation of business model, such as providing software services, unmanned retail solutions and productive services for enterprise digital transformation. The adoption of single-chip computer control is also considered by analysts to be a major subversion of Midea in the era of industrial interconnection and its ability to define the future

in addition to Midea, there are also a series of giant enterprises, including Sany Heavy Industry, Haier, etc., that have taken the lead in embracing the wave of industrial interconnection and accelerating change

How can the newly rich break through

with the advent of the 5g era, the participation of operators has brought a more complex competition to the industrial interconnection field, which originally gathered a large number of giants. In a sense, compared with the industrial interconnection platforms incubated by industrial giants such as Shugen interconnection, Meiyun Zhishu and Haier CAOS, some upstarts of industrial interconnection platforms have natural disadvantages in scenario applications, But some enterprises have found a breakthrough

in the air compressor station of Guangdong Changqing group, the cloud control system of mushroom IOT is carrying out intelligent regulation on the air compressor. Through this, managers can check the operation status of the equipment, and carry out remote start and stop, parameter adjustment, point inspection and other operations on the equipment, so as to improve the efficiency of station building managers by 35%

because the production workshop has high requirements for the stability of gas consumption, before that, the air compressor station was frequently loaded and unloaded, which consumed serious power. The air pressure at the gas end fluctuated greatly, and it was easy to loose due to the vibration during the experiment. Special personnel were required to take care of it, and the labor cost was high day and night; After using the cloud intelligent control system, through the feedback of the main pipe pressure and the cloud algorithm, the loading and unloading frequency of the air compressor is reduced, the air margin is reduced, the air pressure is more stable, and the loading rate is increased by 7%

compared with boredom, there is another kind of work that is naturally unfriendly to workers, such as the maintenance of air compressor stations

imagine that you are standing in an air compressor station building surrounded by fans, and you have to check whether each equipment operates normally in such an environment, adjust the frequency of opening, closing, starting and stopping according to production needs, and various parameters to ensure that the gas supply can meet the needs of gas consumption

in addition, another goal of the air compressor station is to try not to overdo it, which will produce MOCA gas from the working piston and the working cylinder wall, because it will cause waste, which puts forward higher requirements for maintenance and control personnel. Generally speaking, experienced teachers can have more than a blade, but novices are often short of money

in addition to the difficulties in operation and maintenance, the current problem of air compressor stations is that they consume a lot of power. According to the estimation of relevant research reports, the power consumption of air compressors in China accounts for about% of the national industrial power consumption. Therefore, this market urgently needs intelligence to help them improve efficiency and save costs

in fact, the compressed gas produced by the air compressor provides indispensable aerodynamics for industrial production. The application and popularity of compressed air in industrial production is second only to electric energy, and it is widely used in medicine, food, machinery, electronics, plastics, textiles, power generation, building materials and other industries. It is reported that 85% of the factories have air compression stations to provide clean and pollution-free aerodynamics for the production line

after the air compressor station was put into operation, mushroom IOT quickly broke through the leading enterprises in all walks of life and set an industry benchmark. It has served well-known enterprises such as Midea, GAC, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical and globegroup pharmaceutical, which is also the reason why it has been frequently favored by capital. According to the statistics of 5g industry era data center (TD), since its establishment, including equity financing, mushroom IOT has received financing for six times

at the beginning of its establishment, mushroom IOT positioned itself as a SaaS service provider of one-stop aiot for general industrial equipment. Our software is a standardized SaaS software, which can be delivered SaaS for a variety of different factories. Said shenguohui, the founder

Shen Guohui firmly believes that the day of intelligentization of the whole plant will surely come, and this is exactly what mushroom IOT does. Through IOT and SaaS technology, it helps the intelligentization of plant equipment, saves labor, electricity and other expenses, and improves the efficiency of production, management and collaboration

in the exchange with Luo huanta, the founder of 5g industrial era data center (TD), Shen Guohui said that mushroom IOT has always adhered to two concepts: one is focus and the other is openness. Focus is to focus on core areas, core capabilities and core technologies, so that we can produce good products and truly make standardized products; Only by opening up can we stand the test of the market, and only by opening up can we integrate into the whole industry

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