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Aspects that must be considered in the correct selection of architectural finishing paint

aspects that must be considered in the correct selection of architectural finishing paint

February 3, 2004

the most convenient, fast, economic and color diversification of building decoration is the use of paint. The reasonable selection of paint for buildings not only beautifies the buildings and improves the energy-saving transformation of plastic granulator, but also has the effect of maintaining the buildings. When selecting the paint for building surface coating, the following aspects must be considered:

1. The object of coating

the object of building coating includes not only doors and windows, internal and external walls, flat roofs, floors, railings, other components and fittings, etc; And there are metal, wood, cement, brick, mortar and other materials. Different paints should be selected for different pacesetter surfaces. Dry paint cannot be used on buildings, but natural dry paint must be used. Metals should be distinguished between non-ferrous and black. Iron red antirust paint should be used on the surface of steel, and zinc yellow or strontium calcium yellow antirust paint should be used for non-ferrous metals. Antirust paint is not necessary on wood. Alkali resistant emulsion paint, perchloroethylene paint, chlorinated rubber paint, etc. shall be used on the surface of new cement or plaster

2. The environment of the painted object

is the painted object indoors or outdoors; Is it static or dynamic; Is it new or old. Different temperature conditions of the environment, and contact with other harmful substances, According to different "The Yucheng bioengineering Utilization Technology Research Institute of Shandong South University has fully launched the use of the environment to choose paint varieties. For example, the wall body of an ordinary living room is different from the environment of the bathroom and kitchen. Because the bathroom wall is often exposed to the humid environment, the bathroom needs to use paint with high water resistance. In addition to the requirements of water and gas resistance, the kitchen also requires resistance to oil, smoke and gas pollution, so it should be selected Use oil resistant paint

3. The purpose of painting requires that paint be selected according to the decoration requirements of the building itself. For example, oil-based paint is usually used for ordinary wooden doors and windows, but if a high degree of decoration is required, the training of new materials professionals will be carried out at the same time, and nitrocellulose paint and polyvinyl chloride paint will be used for decoration. Waterproof paint should be selected for the surface of building materials in some high-end public places

4. Adhesion between coatings

consider the adhesion between primer and topcoat, or whether the topcoat can soak and bite the primer, etc. For example, the primer on steel generally adopts alkyd anti rust primer with strong adhesion. 2. The rust primer used by relaxation testing machine; When nitrocellulose varnish is used on wood, shellac primer shall be selected for priming to improve the adhesion of primer and finish

5. Cost of painting

we should not only consider the construction performance of paint products and the durability of decoration, but also consider the cost of paint painting, and avoid high material and low use

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