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The Asia Pacific summit of Ge professional women's association was held in Beijing. On September 27, 2005, more than 260 women employees from 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region gathered in Beijing to participate in the second regional summit of Ge professional women's Association. During this period, they will share their experience in career growth and enhancing business leadership. Ge professional women's Association (gewn) is a global voluntary organization within Ge, committed to promoting the development of professional women

representatives from GE departments participated in a series of activities, such as guest lectures and thematic work discussions. These topics include how to communicate between male and female employees in the workplace, strengthen management, grow in the field of marketing and marketing, and effective management and guidance skills

under the leadership of Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of Ge, Ge business leaders also attended the speech and participated in the exchange activities of the participants

among the speakers are women entrepreneurs, and scholars from Asia

fumiko Hayashi told you her legend. She used to be one of the only female salespersons in Honda, and broke many sales records in the automotive industry in her career as an agent for Honda, Volkswagen and BMW in China's new material industry. Later, she became the president and CEO of Darong Co., Ltd

Jenny qua tells you how she became a lifelong member of the American millionaire club, which is the first Malaysian woman to have this honor

kaori Enjoji shared her exciting experience as the head of CNBC Tokyo station

Janet ang, who has worked at IBM for 23 years, is a former head of IBM's PC department in Greater China. Not long ago, she became the general manager of Lenovo's Greater China region in Lenovo's acquisition. She reviewed her leadership experience in change

dr. Robert schartz, as an expert on the communication and consultation of male and female employees in the American workplace, made a speech entitled "the secret of women's success" starting from the global best-selling book "men are from Mars, women are from Venus"

on the next night, Ge women employees from all over Asia also performed various performances to bring you a unique "Cultural Night"

susan Peters, vice president of management development at GE, said, "I am excited about the growth of gewn and our female employees in the Asia Pacific region. Gewn is a key platform for female career development, allowing female employees to grow with the company. This is an important part of GE's leadership action plan, which aims to make GE the preferred employer for employees and a place where they are willing to work for the long term."

gewn Asian leaders, Karen Donaldson, vice president of marketing and communications, Ge Australia and New Zealand, said: "Last year, we held the first gewn Regional Conference in Thailand, and this year's Beijing Summit will become another milestone. China is GE's global growth point, and this region provides exciting opportunities for women employees to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases caused by the widespread adoption of solstice YF. It's a magical experience to get together with people with different cultural backgrounds and work experiences and share each other's experiences, although they are very different But they all have the passion to grow with the company. "

gewn another leader in Asia, Wang Xiaojun, senior HR Director of Ge Asia and China, said: "As a part of GE's unique culture, gewn combines the company's focus with the needs of employees. When the company's growth becomes a business process, gewn also includes many elements, such as the development of control areas, shopping malls, production costs, and so on. Gewn's platform, guidance, communication, and liaison help women employees improve their leadership. Gewn will continue to help the company attract and retain excellent women employees, At the same time, we should address the unique challenges of the Asia Pacific region. "

Founded in 1997, gewn is currently active in 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. All professional female employees of Ge can become members of gewn

gewn worldwide focuses on the following aspects: ability growth, career development, work life balance, and the improvement of the company's image. Gewn hopes to achieve its set goals by successfully guiding, developing talents, bringing together professional women from more countries, higher professional levels and more diverse, and enhancing its external image in the community and customers

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