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On August 15, a message came from the polypropylene construction site of phase II of the refining and chemical company that the frame assembly of the multi zone circulating reactor with the largest size, the largest amount of work, the highest construction difficulty and the highest installation accuracy requirements in the project was completed. It is understood that the frame was formally assembled on July 23, and it took only 24 days to complete the assembly, which was earlier than the planned construction period, creating good conditions for the next step of reactor hoisting

the second phase polypropylene project is an important part of the refining and chemical company's construction of a million ton polypropylene base, which is designed by China Huanqiu contracting and Engineering Corporation. Among them, the frame assembly of multi zone circulating reactor extruder, which accounts for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery, is the most difficult construction in the whole project. The frame is 62.2 meters high, with a total weight of about 1612 tons, and is connected by high-strength bolts. According to statistics, the total number of bolts in the whole frame is 26846 sets, and about 80538 holes are drilled on site. The size requirements of components are very high. In order to ensure the accurate connection of high-strength bolts, the project department and the construction unit No. 1 oil and gas construction company have discussed for many times and determined that the component will be lofted in a 1:1 ratio before fabrication. The activity characteristics of ABS belong to non-Newtonian fluid, so as to ensure the assembly quality

during the assembly process, the first oil and gas construction company specially purchased two radial drilling machines and assigned special personnel to operate them; The method of drilling and casing drilling is adopted for batch processing to ensure the construction quality. In addition, according to the weight, specification and high-strength bolt connection characteristics of the frame, the project department and the participating units, with reference to the hoisting parameters and the configuration of large hoisting machines and tools, the data dispersion is small, and the method of combining 350 ton and 200 ton crawler cranes is determined. The overall frame is divided into nine hoisting, specifically to eliminate the excess heat generated by the shear friction of the screw rotation for assembly. They also provided dozens of magnetic drills on site according to the requirements of column drilling technology, and increased the on-site construction force to 200 people, making every effort to ensure that the assembly was completed on schedule

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